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  • If you end up hosting a bastard mafia I'd like to help you come up with roles

    Tarot Mafia is incredibly orthodox compared to some of the roles I've saved for a bastard game
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    If I had that role, I would do something like "This is now a RP thread. Everyone has to roleplay or get their action taken away."
    Vipera Magnifica
    Vipera Magnifica
    Time-traveling vigilante
    Once per game, you may travel back to the previous night and kill the player of your choice. Any votes and actions carried out by that player will no longer have occurred.

    or if you're feeling especially bold:
    Once per game, you may go back in time and kill baby hitler [player]. That player never existed in the game.
    D1 Reads Hero:
    You must post a full readlist by the end of Day 1. You will earn a prize based on how accurate it is.

    MOD NOTE: There are initially no Mafia in the game. The 4 living players at the bottom of their readlist are converted to Mafia at the start of N1.
    They will always recieve a one-day doublevote ability.
    hey I saw that note about you liking that berry arena from 2015 and I'm just sayin, if ASB sees a revitalization (which I assume it might since the whole forum is being revived) then I'm totally down to play in that space. whether you wanna ref or go head to head or what. it was really fun, tbh
    ah yeah it was a lot of fun! idk if I’ll be in the mood/headspace to do ASB at all but if I am, it’d be fun to revisit that!
    a) it looks exactly like a regular one?

    b) I only started this shiny hunt to make it easier to find Minior in the shelter because I've been mass matching them for stardust :(
    a waste of potential shards :'( (incidentally, I am working on my second DotW)
    I finished my old Rockruff SWSH just after midnight! My luck is finally turning around...
    I actually hatched a shiny on like, my first hatching after sending that message. It was the most recently-started hunt, of course.
    Happy 25th, Jack! I think it's early evening where you are, so I hope you had a good day.
    Hey there... I was wondering if you'd ever get to a reffing for my battle with Cynder. I know that real life gets in the way sometimes, but it's been 4 months, and I didn't know if I should get an emergency ref, or what...
    Oh yeah, and I loved the professor/tree nickname scheme, btw. Cute idea. /late
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