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  • :D I've been super satisfied with the episodes lately! So good.

    I think Blaine does all the singing because, come on, he's Harry frickin' Potter. Amirite? Ahaha. What really confused me was the other guys auditioning for solos - what solos, exactly, did they get? o_O I'm assuming the Warblers had some other song that wasn't shown, since ND had two songs, but still. Weirdness.
    And Will definitely needs to be called out! I love how they poke fun at him always choosing Journey songs. You know, I don't think they've made hair-jokes lately... I guess they've decided to poke fun at his musical choices instead, ahaha. Not that I mind. Dianna's voice was epic and I am so grateful to not have another Fichel duet on my playlist.
    I really don't think ties are legal but I'm not gonna complain >>;; I loooooooved ND's performance. I wasn't crazy about the songs till I saw them in the episode. The dancing just blew me away, especially in Valerie, Naya just... god, she's a goddess. So good. Ahh, I'm getting chills thinking about it. Sooo good. Dx

    Next episode should be plot-y. I don't know how much attention you pay to the writers, but since Glee has only three writers it's sort of easy to predict what each episode will be like, mood-wise, by who's writing it. And they go in turns. This was an Ian episode so it was pretty lighthearted. Next episode is Brad, and he does drama.
    What's really interesting, to me, is last season Brad wrote the episode before the midseason finale, Mattress, which I found to be one of the best episodes in the entire season. And then the midseason finale was by Ryan, which was decent. But then Brad wrote the season finale and I guess they liked that arrangement better? I think I'm gonna go re-watch Mattress, that episode was so good. >>;
    Wtttff that's 3 months! I'M GOING TO LITERALLY DIE. ; ; AHHG. Don't they know the level of obsession their fans have?! Maybe we should have done something more drastic during the 6-month hiatus. I think I should have threatened some murder.

    I might have to go into hibernation. I think that's the only feasible solution.
    Yeah, I think it's a two-episode sectionals, though I'm avoiding spoilers so idk. Either way I'm probably gonna see next week's episode late since I'm gonna be on vacation so it's gonna be a total hot mess and ahh.

    Do you know how long the hiatus is gonna be? :[ I hate being so addicted to a show, it's heeeell. Damn Glee, why do you do this to me?
    Thanks! Excited and terrified. I don't think I can handle another hiatus. Dx Ahhhg. On the other hand it probably means more interviews to hold me over, but still. *tugs on hair* What am I supposed to do without Glee?!
    oh, sorry. had i known i wouldn't have bothered you. still, i look forward to seeing it when it's done.
    oh christ, i've been meaning to do this but have put it off. I'll get it done first thing tomorrow.

    stupid dsi browser.
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