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  • So upon hearing that the RSP - an RP I've admittedly had an interest in after my time here - I've actually now made a DA account for the purpose of joining that group. So I'm right now looking at the form and I have a rather simple question: What do I do in regards to the drawing section if I happen to have the approximate artistic skills of a two-year old? Because I can assure you, drawing something to "the best of my ability" would look next to nothing like any kind of pokemon at all.
    Alright, here's a snip of the character description for the art request:

    He was a giant of a man, with a STRONG body and a magnificent handlebar moustache, reminiscent of the days of celluloid cameras and classy bar brawls. His jaw was scored with laugh lines, and the spark in his eyes snuffed out the feeling that he had seen things most men hadn’t.

    Also he had short, brown hair (not a buzzcut, but not long enough to be in his eyes) and had his shirt off, so you can see his glorious abs.
    Thanks, I'm finally an adult now. We'll see where life takes me, but so far, not too much of a change. I guess I had already matured?
    So, RSP is coming back! I am of course rejoining, but is it going to be hosted on deviantArt ooor on a forum elsewhere?
    I think whether I change his personality or not, he'll be a more capable fighter this time around. Bred to kill, born not to. Possibly born to. Still debating, though.
    Haha, well, I can't really draw... what sort of things are you doing there other than that?
    RSP: 2013???

    I'm excited for this, even though I was never in the original...
    Hey, I had a question involving the Rack Shackle Pack.

    My sister and I are still way into it even though it's totally dead, and she was wondering if she could write a manga/comic about it, with some (not sure about all) of the old characters.

    We also might cosplay as our characters for an anime convention... o3o
    Hi! I wasn't sure if you'd forgotten that the latest round of our battle needed a bit of editing, so I just thought I'd make sure you knew.
    Just letting you know that your tournament battle is updated and it's your turn to command, if you hadn't seen.
    Hi! Not to be a nag or anything, but it's kind of been about a month since you picked up our battle. Are you still good with being an e-ref for it?
    She should find him - Angon is currently near the gates of ruined Hearthome; she could start off nearby, see him about to leave, meet up with him, and conversation ensues.
    Either Jiongu or Angon will work fine (I personally suggest Angon, considering that he was asked to start rallying some of the flyers, but either works)
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