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Erindor the Espeon

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  • I actually haven't been camping in a while. The last time was when I went to Utah last year. But I did go on many camping trips with my father when I was younger and I did enjoy them(somewhat).
    I've been to both Yellowstone and Bryce(for which my darling cousin was named after). I remember hiking though the canyon and spilling two bags of sunflower seeds within three hourse. Good memories~
    And Yellowstone was yeeears ago, I think the first time I met my Utah cousins, uncle, and aunt. Those are pretty places, too.
    Ah, I knew it was something that had a 'P'...
    I hope we go again sometime soon, but my paternal side of the family is very, uh, 'testy' with each other. So it might not be for a while.
    I've been to Zion before. Beautiful place, especially Weeping Rock(or is it Crying Rock? or something like that..). And the Three Prophets/Disciples. I very faintly remember the names of the formations, but I remember them being very pretty.
    And I remember roasting hot dogs near one of the cliff tunnels, right over a cliff itself in the middle of the night. It was magical, I tell you. You'll never see a sky brighter with stars here in good old polluted/crazily-populated Sacramento.
    My ADD always makes it so I'm never able to finish any story or art thread I start. Curse everything distracting!
    That's nice, where're you going for your vacation?
    Nothin much has been going on... love life's a wreck, friends are doing great, family's getting bigger.... that's about it. How about you?
    Okay then!
    I didn't spend all that time thinking of a not-crappy name for Asrai for nothing. l<
    Yay, a quasi-love triangle! xD
    Yeah, that'd be... interesting. Mwahaha.

    It would be more fun to write that. Erindor and Twi falling for each other again. Whatever you want, though.
    It was with a male Buneary and female Sneasel. I want trying to breed the perfect Sneasel/Weavile, and out of 20 or so eggs, one was a Buneary. But I digress.

    Yay~ >D
    I do want to! I just assumed that KQ wouldn't want most sideplots and stuff, you know. But I do want them to be in it.
    The eggs/kits are going to be in it? I kind of assumed that 99% of the sideplots are going bye-bye, given what happened.

    I want to mention, though, it is possible for the offspring to be the father's species. Apparently. It happened to me in my Pearl game once. Not that it matters, since Twilight's gonna stay an Espeon.
    Well, my main reason is mainly that it would be a fresh start after playing an Espeon character for so long... which, admittedly, isn't the best logic. But... it's pretty hard to take Delcatty's seriously, though their appearance would fit her personality.
    Eh, I probably won't. Maybe. Too tired to think properly at the moment. xD
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