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Erindor the Espeon

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  • Craziness rules. :D
    Anyhow (kinda related...)
    I'm sorta-kinda-maybe thinking about changing Twilight to a Delcatty if/when we restart the RP. Any thoughts on it?
    Hopefully. Jeez... weird stuff is always happening the the RSP in more ways than one, huh?
    For once, yay for a lack of violence~

    No, I didn't! Honestly, I haven't been going to the RSP Lounge. Never really did.
    Yeah, me too. Though the plot will probably be easier to follow this way, but still...
    Hey E. I need you to send a pm to the RSP members. Everyone needs to take part in a very important vote in the lounge. Tanku!
    Okay then!
    Certainly wouldn't be the weirdest thing that happened in the RP.
    *scurries over to the RP*
    ...Which will probably mean Twilight appearing out of nowhere and doing some kind of tackle-hug-thing. xD

    Come to think of it, by now, the eggs would've hatched in RP-time. Huh.
    Umm.. okay, yeah.. when you log on, I'll post. Probably. >>
    I honestly don't remember where she would be right now, I haven't posted in ages...
    And I'm kind of afraid to post, because I'd probably mess up in a stupid manner because of that.

    Teehee, yep. You're the Erindoormouse. Well, I can't really follow any of it.. ^^;
    Nah, not really. School the same, nothing really happening at all in general. I'm boring. xDD

    Gaah.. For the zillionth time, being the stupid little rodent that I am...
    Where are we, and what exactly is going on at the moment?
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