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Erindor the Espeon

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  • I actually just finished it, but thanks. I can't say I learned much of anything, sadly. But the paper sounds good. >>
    No, it's a research paper. No speaking involved, thankfully.
    Ugh, I hate presenting, too. My usual habit of automatically adding "um" to everything gets turned up to eleven, freezing... fun fun.
    Not really. Stupid research paper about the Oregon trail and Mormon trail. It has to be really long. It's brain-meltingly boring.
    xDD I was about to suggest that, actually...
    Yaay. *confetti*
    How did you break the usb port?
    Ah, well that's no fun. No costumes or anything?
    I'd laugh at you for procrastinating, but I'm just as bad..
    I mostly just cling to the sides for dear life, until one of my friends tries actually dragging me away, and we end up faceplanting. xDD
    Vaudville? That actually sounds like a fun research project...
    Mostly because I'm not the one doing it.
    Everything's better with plaid! Usually.
    Nah, just kidding. And, for the record, I suck at ice skating. Hilariously.
    What, forgot to do something? (I'm supposed to be doing my homework right now, actually... heehee!)
    Oh, yeah! There's plaid, neon blinding purple, pink, orange... lots.
    I own all of them.
    Duct tape is my only love.... Duuct taapppeee....
    I'd be a hypocrite if I cared about weirdness. But throwing shuriken at a school bully sounds like a profoundly flawed idea. Not that you said you'd do that, but...
    Um... okay. o.o
    And that's coming from me.
    Eh, well, good luck. Hope you don't get beaten up by the trees.
    Somehow, I would be inclined to doubt the existence of medieval assassins much of anywhere, but...
    And by take out, we're talking about...? o.0
    Yeah, that could possibly mess up the scary ninja factor.. tripping a lot, getting hit in the face with tree branches.. xD
    I know! And they don't sell them anywhere, except Comicons and stuff. Sometimes. They cost a lot...

    That may possibly be for the better. Well, good luck, hope you don't stab yourself.
    How do you plan on doing ninja training? Do you know any reeeaaalll ninjjaaaas?
    A cape? xD
    Well, killing a bunch of attacking wolves with throwing knives on one's wedding day is pretty awesome, so there you go.

    That's gonna inevitably end up as an amusing newspaper title. Sure hope you know how to do that without stabbing yourself in the arms!
    Aaaand that's why I plan on concealing throwing knives in my wedding dress when I get married. Can't be too safe!
    Whoa.. o.0

    One would hope that someone would try to stop them in the aisle scenario, but it's still a lot more entertaining. >D
    Where does this happen? And how?
    Oh wait, you mean after the ceremony, right? Because I was imagining a bunch of wolves running down the aisle and eating them right there. Which would be pretty hilarious.
    Very true.

    Well, yeah, but most books have a somewhat happy ending... or beginning... or middle... somewhere... x3
    I have to admit, however, the last book is somewhat entertaining to read, if only to laugh/cry over her... odd understanding of the reproductive system.
    Oh wow, and I thought it was the worst around here!
    I already figured that. No worries. xD

    A not-quite-warning: Tenderness is pretty well-written, but otherwise, it's kind of like a realistic, not-fantasy version of Twilight or something similar. It's not a happy book.
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