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Erindor the Espeon

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  • I don't know much about Mormon stuff, but the books really bug me. They're supposed supposed to be romantic. The books about a 90-year old man stalking a teen girl, watching her as she sleeps, almost letting her basically kill herself, and makes her leave everyone she loves. Oh, and Meyer apparently has no idea what the word "faith" means. >>

    Hmm.. most of them sort of lean into squick territory or are just plain messed up. "Tenderness" comes to mind here. Serial killer and obsessed teen girl. There's this one called Dreamrider that was pretty cool. Not exactly a really hard to read book in any sense, but...
    Any real description would give away the ending, not that it's a huge surprise.
    And.. I can't really think of any others at the moment. Dx
    The libraries around here (including the school library) mostly just have little-kid books, Twilight and other sucky vampire romance books, and really stupid things for research in a few classes. Tons of new releases, but most of them suck. Aside from the odd awesome book, as in: short, depressing, bizarre, and Nightmare Fuel-ish. But overall... meh.
    ...Though, I'm not so sure that there'll be very many actual books about him around. He really isn't all that well-known. There's lots of stuff online, though.
    Very true.

    Names to run away from really fast: The White Death.
    And this took place in less than one hundred days. And he survived getting shot in the face. Wow.
    You should!
    Still, you'd think they'd eventually notice that several people in groups are getting hit at the same time, several times a game. And usually at the same spot.
    I KNEW IT!
    Are you, by any chance, the reincarnation of Simo Häyhä? x3
    Sb-email 171, "Underlings." ;D
    In my case, I can (and do, when not being a jerk to my friends) walk around practically on the line dividing the sides, ranting about teeny little gym shorts at the top of my lungs, and nobody notices me. Ever. Makes sneak attacks quite easy.
    Not me, I'm a skinny little twig. But that's never stopped me before! >D
    Plus, we could always throw the smaller people at you. I already pick them up to use as shields during dodgeball games. It's surprisingly effective!
    They would! Though things would probably go downhill quickly, then end up with a big epic fight. I'm thinking you'd win, only because most of my friends are either tiny or actually have self-control. How boring.
    Ouch. Molten candy. That... takes real skill and determination.
    I'm proud of you, son. Really proud.

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, I have a huge scar on my leg from where my best friend kicked me in the shin. While wearing combat boots. On purpose. We're that sort of friends.
    Waitwaitwait.. how did you manage to burn your foot? Did you momentarily forget where the big ol' campfire was?!
    Oh you silly rodent.
    It symbolizes how much fun it is to set things on fire and watch it burn.
    Mmm.. I wonder what a Snickers bar would taste like roasted over a fire... Melty...
    Everyone loves a little violence!

    What does the wooden crate have to do with- oh well!
    New plan. We set it on fire. Or stuff somebody (with an oxygen tank, perhaps) inside, then set it on fire and throw it over Niagara Falls.
    Yes, I'm a pyromaniac, why do you ask?
    A monument to what?

    And by "throw a big party", you mean eating Snickers bars until they start tasting weird, and then throwing them at innocent bystanders, riiight? :D
    Eh, that's not that bad.
    I've done much worse before. ^^;;

    Daa'w... warm and fuzzy feeelingggg~
    Wait, then I shouldn't have bought that big ol' wooden crate and a thousand Snickers bars?
    If you're what's considered stupid in Erindiana or wherever, I'm going to mail myself there in a cardboard box. You're one of the maybe four or five guys I know who consistently isn't stupid. And two of them are animals.
    Yeah, well, that's pretty much always been my approach: Try and talk it out. Doesn't work? Employ a punch to the gut next time. Doesn't make many friends, but I wouldn't want to befriend people I feel the need to punch, anyway. And since I'm this teeny little girl that gets straight A's, the teachers don't care what I do. Mwahaha, evil.
    For the past several days, that same guy and his stupid friends have been yelling to anyone and everyone that I have sex with cats. Among other things. And that I'm a certain female canine. I'm mostly just depressed that people are that stupid. >>
    Can't say that I have seen that. Hmm.... I think I have an old superhero cape around here somewhere... :DD
    Speaking of cats...
    Yesterday, I saw this cat on my street when I was walking home from school, that always seems to end up near my house, usually on the porch. She saw me and started to walk over. When I stopped to pet her, this other guy threw a rock and hit her on the head. Really hard. Poor kitty. );
    Of course, an immediate and brutal butt-kicking (not literally) ensued, but STILL.
    It was in a cabin full of little kids running around and screaming all night (and I usually stay up super-late as it is), plus one of my friends that would poke me in the back until I was awake, ask if I was mad and ignoring her, then stand there until I yelled at her to turn off the lights and get out of my room. This happens three times each night. And every time I tried to take a nap. xDD
    *gasp* Violence!!! And I thought you were such a nice guy. Tsk tsk. :o
    'Course, I would have strangled them, but I'm the violent type.
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