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  • Sorry, I thought I recognized you from there lol. It's stands for Young Wizardry, from the Young Wizardry book series.

    You get a late entry. Just PM your form to me. You are in my group by default since we have shit for members. Only me and cryptica.
    I think she'll let everyone keep their previous plots, within reason. We'll have to work around the absence of so many members. So another thing: Will Erindor and Twilight still know each other, or will Erindor have to win her over again? :3

    Shadow_lugia suggested Valinor tries to go for Twilight. That could be interesting.
    Really? That's a little odd. Well, it can happen with a ditto, but anything I didn't know that that worked.

    We might be reintegrating the sideplots, at least the important ones. Valinor will be making a comeback. :D

    And we don't have to have the egg/kits if you don't want too...it's a kinda mutual want to have happened thing.
    Well, here's something else to think about. The Kits would have to be skitties, and wouldn't have the joy of being eevees, and then having any evolution path they wanted. Also, then no telepathy...

    I dunno. I'm just a little not one for a ton of change. That's why Erindor's gonna stay the same. But again, I'll support you in any decision you make.
    Well, I'll support you in any decisions you make. But you'll want to be completely sure of your decision. Let's look at the pros and cons. For one, you won't be able to use any psychic abilities anymore. But it will be a fresh start if you're bored of having Twilight be an Espeon.
    Yeah. Thankfully we live in a safe RP'ing community. No gun fights here! Did you hear about FMC and Moony leaving? I'm gonna miss them.
    Enh, we'll work around it. We could just say...Erindor's still on the train, or they met before we left, and then play it out, or perhaps Erindor couldn't get to her until after they stopped.
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