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  • Or the eggs could hatch soon after they reunite. Perhaps they feel the waves of sympathy and love, and it entices them out of their shells. :D
    Or something like that.
    Well, everyone's about to get on the train, and Edward's been spazzing out and I think is in some crazy psychic alternate realm, and we're trying to mobilize before the humans catch up. So unless Twilight got off the train, she'd probably still be on it.

    Don't worry, I'm the silly rodent, remember? And I can't follow all of it either. :D
    Yeah, but well enough about me, how about you? Anything fun going on?

    FYI, Erindor's going to see Twilight as soon as you're ready.
    Kinda, yeah. They have the papers, but I haven't turned all of them in quite yet, or done all of the assignments. And I have like three major things this week in one class.
    Yeah, mines done as well, but they take forever to grade it. Which isn't good, especially because the term ends next week and I have to get all my grades in order. Though they look bad, a lot is just because the teacher's haven't fixed it yet.
    Well, I could help you with the Mormon trail. It's a common topic in the church lessons, lol.
    Do you have to present it to the class, or is it just one of those turn it in to the teacher? I hate presenting. I'm an outgoing person, but whenever I present I'm just like "Argh, what?" and I freeze up.
    I played way too many first person shooters, and I had a gimpy USB port to start with. I kept on pulling the cord out whenever I needed to move the laptop, and one time it just came out with the mouse.
    I was considering wearing a Guy Fawkes outfit as a tribute to V for Vendetta, but I'm not sure how well that would go at High School.
    Good news though! I'm pretty much done, through much trial. My computer's internet is being epically slow. I mean, come on, 2.2kb per second? IT TOOK LIKE A HALF HOUR TO TRANSFER THE DANG FILE. It's really annoying, because my laptop that I was writing it on has no usb port because I broke it, so the internet was my only choice. BUT NOW I'M DONE THANK GOODNESS

    Ah, relief. :D
    A couple girls in the group I was in tried pulling me to the center and I slipped a fell. It was pretty funny, actually.
    Yeah, I thought Vaudeville would be fun too, but I have to write like how it came about and stuff, and why it died, so it's mostly factual. I'd like it better if I wasn't writing it two days before it was due.
    Don't worry, I probably even more suck at ice skating. Last time I made it around the rink falling down only twice! :D
    No, I have this crazy research project I have to do on Vaudeville. I had to go get the books for it, because my teachers won't accept only internet sources.
    Meh, best I've seen is just red. It's pretty fun, but not as cool sounding as plaid.
    If that's your only love, you should get out more. Go ice skating or something. Argh, I missed my chance for a stupid homework assignment.
    We were planning on doing more of a gagging/tying him up. Then we can interrogate him and release him back to the wild, rehabilitated. :D
    Take out...make sure they don't do it again. Like the Mafia.
    And I dunno, my friend has a book on ninjutsu in America, because there's this dude that trained under the real dude in Japan. And sticks aren't too fun. The burrs are worse, however.
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