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  • Don't worry about it. ^^; People could have been nicer about telling you about it... sorry about that.
    Uh, okay... entirely unaware of that. Sorry, other Eevee? I guess I should change my username then. except I'm not sure how to with the new forum. Where's that option? It probably isn't there. Why does stuff like this happen to me? Stupid dumb luck I guess.:eek:
    But it's true! You are kind of an impostor. One of the mods of the forums used to be called "Eevee" before you joined. They changed their nickname temporarily to join in the "Schtolteheim Reinbach" bandwagon, but you managed to pilfer the nickname before they could get it back.

    So yeah, that's the story as I remember it.
    Eevee is the actual Eevee. You're just someone else who goes by the same username.

    Eevee is the owner of Veekun. You are not him. >:| therefore you are not Eevee
    Er.. excuse me? This was my username before. Because I like Eevees. Yeah... I'm not entirely sure who you're referring to that you think I'm being an impostor of. Huh?
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