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  • It sounds very good. A bit squiggly with the Dream Theater-esque parts, but it sounds good nonetheless. Must obtain.
    lol we were at Jarrod's house, and even though he's all cool and atheist now, his parents are Christian as fuck. :( so i couldn't sing the cursing words
    haha wtf is this article, I've heard nothing about this anywhere. and what's this about "President Dr Daniel Nalliah said Julia Gillard was not elected by the majority of the Australian people, but rather the personal decision of two power hungry independent MPs who catapulted Ms Gillard to the top job." she was voted in, actually; she got more votes than her opponent but she didn't have enough for a majority because a whole bunch of independents actually got some votes for once. when she took over role as PM by becoming the leader of her party, she refused to be prime minister without being voted in so she held one. :|

    this is the most ridiculous article I've seen for a while; citing John Howard as an example makes this even more silly because John Howard was practically kicked out of office because he's an asshole.

    "Dr Nalliah, a former Family First candidate who was asked to leave the party for his controversial views, has already blamed the Queensland floods on Kevin Rudd speaking out against Israel."

    so yeah this article is ridiculous (pretty sure I showed you the sex party vs. family first debate)?
    Newt? I love newts! <3

    Once I was on this hiking trail with a bunch of waterfalls and I was at the bottom of one with a friend. We saw a little orange thing swimming around and were like "Aah!" and tried to get it. I fell into the pool of water - clothes, hiking boots, and all - but never got the newt.

    I still love them, though. I just have more funny memories associated with them now.
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