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  • It's like, Gurdurr. Speaking of which, Gurdurr is the derpiest Pokemon name ever.

    ...I... come on TCoD... And... uh. Mope around on the internet. Watch My Little Pony. Play Pokemon. Mope around on the internet some more. Stuff like that.
    Oh! Flowers! I saw this really cool-looking flower-thing growing at my school once. It was on this funky-looking plant-thing that looked like a weed and is sorta tall and spiky and light-green and fuzzy at the same time, and it had this fuzzy purple flower on it that looked like a gigantic fuzzball! It was really fuzzy and stuff. I wanted to wait for it to seed so I can plant some in my backyard, but somebody broke the stem the next day and then it disappeared... Uh. Any idea what it is?
    I would do that, but I -- ooh, shiny!

    Uh. Okay. Hi I'm Crazy Linoone and I like tea, have horrible word-choice, and is bad at introductions. Your turn.
    Well, I like to write things, stories, fanfics, whatever strikes my mood. Doodling is also a must, especially in boring classes.
    I also like to rant about anything that upsets or annoys me. I'm a lot more outgoing online.
    Oversleeping is also fun until you wake up.
    I like listening to music - not any of that Lady Gaga stuff either, my iPod is loaded with classical music. I'm a weird kid.

    What about you? You seem like a really nice person to get along with.
    Hehe, thanks, I'm glad you like it. I drew and colored it myself. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing in that pose... it's kind of up to interpretation... could be a thousand different possibilities. ;)
    Well, I have a tendency to randomly identify birds when they fly by, I like staring at things search for food, and I know that it is indeed a rock dove instead of a pigeon.
    And of course, I like minks. xD
    Sheeet that's not good.

    :[ Ugh stepparents and divorces and holy shit I can feel you man.

    Yay elk :D

    Minks are adorable. <3
    But I was Minkow at first, so I shortened it because everyone calls me Minks anyways. It was...the state of giddyness after the HEY YOU CAN NAME CHANGE post that made me do it, I think.

    Also thinking of me as a mink would be really cute as well.
    (but man I wish they had minks in Canada when I went there. Half the people I know in NY here don't know what they are.)
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