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  • :c I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not. /wrists moar due to sarcasm failure detection.

    Either way, thank you. I just had to have it as an avatar. x]
    No I just never use them

    and nobody's ever used them on me

    so that speaks for itself really.
    Dennis Quaid is quite handsome, true. But only in the right angles.
    Maurice is actually one of the first film I saw that had Grant in it. If you'd like to see it, Veoh has the entire thing here, though you do have to have an account and VeohTV to watch it.
    I think having VeohTV is a great idea anyway because that site seriously has many good films for free, without the need to download anything :v
    So AK have you ever seen Maurice? i herd you liek hugh grant and even though he's a dick in this film he manages to be adorable in the parts where he shows up ;w;
    I love the album still. I just don't listen to Nightwish as much anymore when you see what kind of stuff I listen to; there's so much music and I've heard all the Nightwish shit 1000x already so I don't play it as much anymore.
    I like the goddamn album. That's why. I like the new Nightwish, I like the old Nightwish. I'm not partial to any era. I just love the fucking band as a whole, it's one of the bands that will never do wrong for me.
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