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  • Đồng tâm làm giàu
    mu mới ra
    dịch vụ thành lập doanh nghiệp
    thue phong tro
    Hà Hải Định

    - Nhạc Thành, ngươi đi vào thôi, chúng ta ở bên ngoài đợi ngươi, nơi này cũng chỉ có mình ngươi là có thể đi vào.

    Nhạc Duy mỉm cười quỷ dị nói với Nhạc Thành.

    - Người ở trong đó là ai?

    Nhạc Thành cất tiếng hỏi Nhạc Duy.

    - Ngươi đi vào sẽ biết, không cần quá kinh ngạc.

    Nhạc Duy cất tiếng nói với Nhạc Thành:

    - Mau đi vào thôi.

    - Xoẹt.

    Nhạc Thành rảo bước vào trong kiến trúc, đi vào trong đó Nhạc Thành cảm thấy quỷ dị vô cùng.

    - Chẳng lẽ Nhạc gia muốn vây khốn ta?

    Trong đầu của Nhạc Thành liên tục xuất hiện ý niệm.

    Ở trong gian phòng kia thạch bích trở nên dày đặc, ở trung gian chính là một cái bàn đá.
    Oh, cool.

    I can't wait to get it. (If I do get it, I'm saving money for the Warriors books.)
    Ohhh, there's more than one page, there. My bad.

    It would be nice if the audio quality was better, but it's better than just reading little annotations that pop up now and then. I do appreciate the actual Pt music, too, if that's a new addition, though again the audio quality is sort of a shame. It does still feel like you're kind of talking to fill up empty space where not too much happens at times, though.
    Better, but still with some issues.

    First: you don't need to show every second of you going through the game. Another thing that a walkthrough does is condense the action and give an overview of what's going on. Let's say that a game takes twenty hours to beat. Nobody wants to have to watch twenty hours of walkthrough to beat that same game. Far too many of your videos say something along the lines of, "Nothing important here." If it's not important, get rid of it. If you're not inclined to cut it out, at least speed it up. Watching you battle random NPC's and wild pokémon is not at all thrilling.

    And if you're going to add music, maybe switch it up a little? I don't really mind the music that you've picked, but it appears to be the same for every single video and that's going to get real old real fast.

    Also, the link in your signature goes to the Manage Playlists menu instead of the actual playlist.
    Can't understand why you just didn't reply to the thread, but okay.

    In that case, yes, I'd suggest you do something to actually explain what's going on in the videos; that could mean an expanded summary that covers what you're doing in a vid. That might get rather long, though, if there's a lot going on in a particular segment. Another option would be to use those annotation things YouTube has to add in-video explanations of events. There's also an option to add subtitles, I think, and if so that could also work if they're auto-view. In any case, you don't need to redo the videos to make those changes; they can be done after the fact.
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