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  • But if you're online then, who's going to deliver all the presents?
    They should make you translate this kind of stuff for your English exam. I hope they do, actually. Just to punish you for being Portuguese. And short.
    derp, you'll be better than BBC languages, I assure you. I can pick languages up from having just skeletons of grammar with some explanations and just learn vocab on top of that, so maybe some stuff on verbs, adjectives and nouns to get going? Like conjugations and stuff?
    bom dia, so I herd you speak portuguese? Basically it's the last major Romance language other than Romanian for me and some help in properly learning it would be really appreciated if you wouldn't mind :3
    Social life? I just haven't been logging in to MSN. I've been on the computer the whole time.

    Are you definitely going to accept your St Andrews offer then?
    Strangy, as an artist, could you critique this postmodern artwork I made using a website a moment ago? It's 5am: I'm trying to elevate the genre. Give me unreserved criticism, unreserved positive criticism.

    Going to go to bed now. Goodnight!
    I don't know why, really. I'll try to be online sometime.

    I've been collecting bad headlines again. I post links to them on my Facebook when I can't think of anything better to write. Nobody comments. "Cambridge University students injected with ketamine" - my favourite, from The Telegraph. "Cameron's yew turn over forest sell-off"? A man called Michael actually wrote a letter to The Guardian to suggest that one. Then there's: this. Moving away from the serious newspapers now, this headline from The Sun I think is pretty sweet, but it's the photo caption (the first one) that makes the article.

    How have you been?
    Hi! I've never seen anyone at 58 on TCoD before...I've seen 30ish, but wow. Oops, sorry.
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