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Vladimir Putin's LJ

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  • you should go to the languages thread so I have someone to practice portuguese on! :D
    "Vladimir Putin has befriended Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, hailing him as "a real man" after the actor attended a conference devoted to saving tigers in the Russian prime minister's native St. Petersburg."
    No bother about the lateness, I don't have to have the project done until 2012. And from what I've seen, you're not lame at all.

    Also, what you said was very helpful, thanks. I just wanted to be sure that doing Beria was worth it before I went and bought a book and from what you said he definitely sounds like he's worth doing a project on.

    Hey, I have to do a research project as part of my history exam and I was advised that you were knowledgeable on Russian history. I want to do a member of the Communist Party and my first thought was Beria, so I was just wondering if he's worth doing a project on before I go buying a book about him with the very little money that I have.
    No, not even from the ramparts. I was going to go, but my hair is short and embarrassing and several of my friends are going.
    Psht it's fine. You don't owe me anything. And I think I got along okay with the pic anyhow, so! It's all good. :]
    The Sun in an article about Gordon Brown:

    "Mandy also dubbed the former PM "a cross between a snowplough and a combine harvester.""
    "Bloodbath at London Zoo as urban foxes slaughter 11 penguins and one flamingo."
    Watch this video (or some of it) with the sound turned off. The editing and camera angles are completely surreal. I wanted to watch it with a straight face and I couldn't. It's like they were deliberately trying to distract him.
    "The millionaire owner of the Segway upright scooter company has died in a freak accident after riding one of the machines off a cliff into a river."
    I feel like a dick for CONSTANTLY NAGGING you but uh I don't want to see you go ; ; I like your characters and I want to see them in play!! plz post soon ; ;
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