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  • Hey, dunno if you're really busy or something, but you're way over the DQ time for your battle with CharizardHammer. I'd hate to DQ you especially since reffing this battle was my Christmas gift to you, so I'll give you another 24 hours.
    So apparently you're the person to go to if one's in search of Ghost Trick gifs. I don't suppose you've ever run across one of Yomiel's asshole salute that he gives after killing Cabanela/Pigeon Man?
    whhh... what? That is not how anyone should use a banana phone or wear banana hair (clearly, banana hair should only be made of banana peel draped over the skull).
    Yes okay I'm starting your reffing but like it's three hours to midnight and I'm probably not going to finish it by then so go vote for me even though I haven't done anything for you yet. :c It's been a bit and you've poked around some other bits of the league so it won't feel so weird for me. (Remember I'm up for best ref and ASBer of the year and the Zylinth battle is up for most entertaining battle!!!)
    hey! Do you still have that gif of Cabanela twirling around the junkyard? I kind of need it for an emergency... thing!

    Also. Your ASB pokémon are named after typefaces. That is like. A thing. That I wanted to do at some point. :O I approve heartily.
    Yup. Links to species data are at the bottom of the first post.

    Changed your name in the birthday thread and added your battle against Zhorken to the first post. Sorry I missed it; was distracted by the metronome battle below.

    I rotate the mock battles after I grade the mocks that have been submitted for them. I plan to grade this set tomorrow, so if you can get a mock up by tomorrow, then go for it. Otherwise, sit this round out.
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