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  • And I agree she should've, but since she did let us know of college applications and such, I think she deserves to be cut some slack. I won't give her a full month's amnesty (which she would've gotten if she'd posted in the Absence Sheet), but I'm reluctant to DQ her for honest reasons.
    Please be patient. I've seen you nag Clover before when she had college applications. She may not have gotten my PM, so I sent her a VM, but she hasn't logged in since I sent that. If she comes online again without any explanation, then I will DQ her.

    I know it seems really excessive, but Clover appears to be really busy, plus this was supposed to be my Christmas present to her, so I'm pretty hesitant to DQ her.
    dude.. chillax

    do you know what today is? 15 january is the final deadline for ~college applications~. i've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off working on those. sorry if i had to put pokemon forums on the backburner. 0_0
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