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  • oh yeah, it sounds like a really good experience to have - very exciting! also happy birthday wheeeey :D
    will do, thank you! :D yes my exams were a-okay, are you all done with yours? (the sweet freedom that comes with post-exams bliss can never be understated aghh)
    hi hi hi so I may have been enormously flaky in responding to your kind LGBTclub/PotterSoc invitation - I'm actually back home now but I just wanted to say thanks for the invites! ... and if I end up disappearing for another few months then have a super summer etc. :)

    Um could you please edit this! Just because someone's writes doesn't mean the someone has to be a boy or a girl :c
    i don't understand how he even exists. like how can you be adorable and talented and ridiculously hot all at once?? NOT FAIR.
    WELL KIND OF i liked the duran duran mash-up the best but i have a huge soft spot for horrible 80s music and autotune...
    yeah exactly
    the whole episode seems worth it now doesn't it
    (also all the bizarre incestual sexual tension omg)
    tell him he's terrible and wrong
    but it's ok because darren takes his shirt off (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚
    same. next ep looks good though. mostly because blaine will be taking up most of the time along with quinn and i can't really disagree with that
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