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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn ái gì mà đến. Chẳng lẽ đối diện với tuyệt cảnh trước mặt này, lại còn có sự nguy hiểm không biết nào lại càng thêm tuyệt vọng nữa hay sao?

    Một hồi chấn động kịch liệt, phi thường khủng bố đột ngột buông xuống khắp nơi trên mặt đất của Cao nguyên Bỉ Cơ!

    Đầu Robot chắp vá cực kỳ rác rưởi nhất thời đứng sững cứng ngắc ngay tại đương trường, sau đó nghiêng người ngã sấp thật mạng về phía trước!

    Đám đội viên Tiểu đội NTR đang nhảy nhót không ngừng ngay bên cạnh hai cái chân máy móc tráng kiện của nó, nhất thời sắc mặt tái nhợt, hướng ra bốn phía xung quanh mà
    That is an interesting idea. The different paths in visual novels often focus on different characters, doing something involving the various Eeveeloutions where they're all the same Pokémon seems fun!
    Have you or your sister made anything cool in Ren'Py? I had a look at it and it seemed like a pretty useful thing to use.
    I actually have a 6IV Umbreon now. Unforunately I forgot to check which of the moves I wanted it to have were egg moves before I started breeding.

    I think what you said about having a theme for a team making it easier is true. Next week the Pokémon club here is having a tournament based around what body type the Pokédex says they have, and so far I've found it quite straight forward to come up with a team. (which will probably end up not being very good but we'll see)
    Yep! I'm trying to figure it out at the moment. It also adds a vote to the first option every time you view the results for some reason? I'm troubleshooting, but I'm coming up pretty empty.
    Can you think of any ways I could improve my team except for megaing Venusaur?

    Also in the actual games how important would you say getting the IVs is? I have an Eevee with ?/31/31/?/31/31 but I want to get a 31 in HP as well.
    I have a question! I want Scorpion to talk whenever his name is mentioned in a line that isn't a command. I have no idea how to do this, though, do you know what I should do?
    Do you still want to battle on showdown? I haven't changed my team much since I last posted though.
    Hi! I'm about ready to revive my Supybot, so I wanted to let you know so you can kind of walk me through it a little bit? I'm not completely familiar with all this, and I can just leave a command prompt open for a while, so no rush! I also sent you a friend request, so I don't have to dig up all our VMs in order to find your user profile.
    Oh, it does! It also supports ASP.NET, which is new to me. Thanks!

    Well, I used to be pretty big on the AR. I avoid it now, but the stuff is still there. The Tyranitar was from GTS though!

    And yeah! I didn't even know he did programming. :o
    Protect is a great idea! Thank you.

    I have a really standard host, do hosts typically host Python?

    And okay! Um, it may or may not be hacked; I'd have to check. If it is, I also have a Tyranitar that's definitely not hacked!

    And okay! Stars are fun. ^_^
    Dragon Tail and Toxic Spikes on a team of three! I also gave it Waterfall. The other slot is undecided; at the moment, it has Acid Armour.

    Huh! That would be really helpful, actually. Writing updates and then editing them into the Updates page is something that could be a lot easier! That's pretty cool. Also, I'll pull Supybot up Tuesday! My Python command prompt is probably collecting dust...

    I have a Shiny Beldum that I'm not going to use, and it'd be a shame to see it go to waste. I'm not sure about its IVs, though. And I think I'm using XY OU.

    And yay! I'll check it out! :o
    Yeah! Skarmory is a tank; I'm going to try it out sometime. Also, I used Dragalge the other day; it's really good! I plan on using him in the future.

    And no, but I gave him a lot of programs that he didn't need, and getting rid of them is a mess.

    And yes! I also plan on using Lightbox, do you know anything about that? Also, I think veekun uses some Python? But I'm not sure what I would use it for. And is that so? I'd always assumed JavaScript = Java.

    And thank you! After I figured out that all the rules go in one sheet, it was pretty much just trial-and error.

    Really? Do you want anything specific for them? (Also, Azumarill with Belly Drum+Aqua Jet and Zapdos are still banned for me.
    Wow, yeah! Skarmory does look pretty powerful in terms of that, especially with its immunity to Spikes and everything! The only viable Pokémon with both Roar and Circle Throw is Lucario (Pangoro gets it, but its weakness to Fairy is crippling, and Mega Kangaskhan is banned), who is much better off using other moves! So I'm not sure how that would work out, but it's definitely look working into!

    And that's actually pretty valid reasoning, I hadn't thought of it like that. OHKO moves are pretty frustrating!

    He might still be accessible, but I'd rather leave the poor thing alone. He's enormous, and he's pretty much obsolete at this point, so I'd much rather start over with him. I'd really like it if you could help me at some point, thanks!

    And no, I haven't seen that before! I might look into it a bit! I skimmed over it a little, and it actually looks like a pretty good guide to start getting into JavaScript, I think I'll go with it! After JavaScript, I'm going to try and learn Python, but I don't think Python is something I really need for my website at the moment, so I'm trying to learn Java first!

    And yes, I'd seen it before! But I'd never looked at it on Hydro Pump. I guess that really does make Surf the best choice there, it seems.

    Hah, you can point that stuff out to me if you'd like! I won't get offended. And huh, so this can be done in-game too? I might actually look into that...

    I did! I didn't spend a lot of time on it, but it's still there. :I

    Also thank you for that bit from Smogon, that cleared it up quite a bit more!
    Huh, I might look into putting it on a team! I never thought about Dragon Tail and Toxic Spikes, but that's actually a really great idea! I might incorporate Dragalge in there at some point, for sure.

    Are OHKO moves banned? I mean, I suppose it makes sense, but with the terrible accuracy, it isn't as if they're that overpowered. It's less than a third chance that the move will actually hit unless you have some kind of gimmick set up!

    I could! The problem was that I couldn't actually get him to work, no matter what I did, so I kind of... killed him, I think... But I might bring him back! I'm just going to need a little help from someone (or possibly Internet guides, who knows) in order to get him to work! Other than that, I'd also really love to learn some JavaScript, and it doesn't seem too hard!

    And is it? That's pretty cool! I kind of like my current team, but I might end up making a Drizzle team, too, which will inevitably contain that combination!

    Does it really have 80%? I thought it was much better than that! In that case, I'll stick with Surf for sure! I'll probably switch Hidden Power for Stone Edge, then, since it has much better Base Power.

    And oops! I meant to give Azumarill Huge Power, but I must have accidentally forgotten! Thanks for pointing that out, I never would have noticed. I'll make sure to give it the moveset you talked about! I didn't know that was legal now. :o

    And I'll ask him about it! Thank you.
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