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  • If you're playing soccer with your crush and you faint, then he/she will have to give you the kiss of life.

    Useful y/y?
    I know I haven't been at Stonewall and I'm so sorry to do that to you. I've just had building stress lately and I haven't felt up to roleplaying at the moment, but I'll try and come back shortly. I should have said something, I'm sorry. :c
    It was hanging in my hair, so I blew on it until I ran out of breath. When I inhaled, it flew inn my mouth and got stuck there. I had to cut most of it and the rest fell out.

    It really worried me. I couldn't breath, and that's usually not good.

    You know what you need to see? This. I don't care if you've seen it before.

    Watch iiiiiiit )<
    hey yeah I was wondering whether I should make a library thread or something.

    also I've posted and you've posted back so :D internet's still horrible but I'll try to post
    I know, I've seen it but my internet is shot at the moment and barely gets past loading the front page; I don't even know if this post will go through.
    I've got such a long list of shows that're on in the West End that I really want to see; some are more traditional - Lion King, Phantom of the Opera - but most of them are just campy and fabulous - La Cage Au Follies, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Hairspray :D
    I just need more time and money ):

    The more I think about The Vengaboys' lyrics, the more I realise that they make no sense whatsoever. It's brilliant. I remember a friend of mine was absolutely obsessed with them sometime in the early-00's and played one CD of theirs on repeat for about five hours. Good times.

    I'm gonna head over to youtube now (I haven't caught Spotify fever yet - though I do have Twitter, so I think it evens out) and see if I can hunt down Cartoon Heroes and see if I remember it.

    I was never a fan of the Cheeky Girls... or the Spice Girls for that matter. But OH MY GOD my best friend made me watch the movie a couple of months ago and it's EPIC. Stephen Fry, Elton John and Hugh Laurie make appearances, Meat Loaf drives their bus, and Toshiko from Torchwood is their pregnant best friend. It's the greatest (and most 90's-ish) thing EVER. If you haven't already, WATCH IT.
    Hehe, same. I like to pretend I have a sophisticated taste when it comes to music, but I really just love anything I can sing (loudly and off-key) along to, which is basically big Broadway showtunes and stuff like, yeah, Busted and McFly. Except I'll normally cite stuff like Bowling for Soup as a favourite band because it makes me seem a little less like a 13-year-old girl. Good times.

    Oh god, I totally forgot about The Vengaboys. Oh! We're going to Ibizia! Hehe, they're fabulous beyond all reason <3

    ...Did Aqua actually ever do any songs other than Barbie Girl? I mean, Barbie Girl was more memorable on its own than most other bands' entire discography, but I'm curious.
    Hee! I love them so much more than I should. And I get Busted and McFly completely muddled up so I just call them McBusted.

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