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  • Hi Kinova! :D How does Seed&Spark work, what happens if you guys don't reach your funding in time :( Will you still make the show?
    There are slight plans for non-French Canada because my dudeperson wants to live there. :D; Wow, sounds like you're incredibly lucky! Is it a small company you work for? And yes, I'm on Facebook - I'll PM you my name.
    I'm in my second year of a new uni course (teaching English as a foreign language) and really liking it. Hopefully the partner dude and I can live abroad one day, should we wish to do so. HOW IS YOUR LIFE
    Sorry I'm only replying now, the site kept crashing. Grrr.

    I think I discovered Community around this time last year and subjected Mhals' entire family to it when I visited (her dad loved it, her mum had no idea what was going on). Abed is the absolute best character, though I have a special love for the Dean. And Leonard! (apparently like half the Pixar voice actors have appeared in Community. Leonard is the old guy from Up, the air conditioning repair school man is Sully from Monsters Inc and there are others that I forget)

    Parks and Rec is delightful because it's not really about anything. It's premise is a mocumentary that follows the lives of the employees of a small town in Indiana's Parks and Recreation department, but the characters are all absolutely fantastic and the writing is brilliant. Like Community, it's delightfully uncynical, and while all the characters are great, the best thing is seeing them interact. I think, since it's (FINALLY) airing in the UK on BBC3, you can watch some episodes on iPlayer - you can probably jump in at any point, there's no real overarching plot, but if you're going to sit down and watch it properly, I'd recommend starting with series 2 - it gets better with every series (5 just finished and it was superb), but S1 isn't great. I started watching because I'd heard that it had an awesome female main character (it really does), and also there was potential femslash (it also does). When you finish Community, I think you should give it a go :D

    I've been a bit disappointed with this series of Who, too, although the last two episodes were very good, I thought. I have hopes for the series finale! Which I've so far managed to avoid spoiling myself for, even though the last episode got leaked early, apparently. I follow Doctor Who on FB and apparently lots of American fans got their DVDs shipped long before they were supposed to or something. Whoops.

    It's great that you have no exams, though sad you won't be Expoing. How has your year gone? Have you got dissertation plans? Grabby's year's gone well, I think, although she doesn't have her dissertation next year because she's changed her course to (something to the effect of) 'English Language and Literature With a Year in Italy', so she's heading off to Venice next year. Which she's excited and nervous about, but mostly panicked because she's spent the last half-year trying to do English as well as learn Italian. She does make things difficult for herself, that one :p

    You mentioned (in a message a good while back that I never replied to because I'm a terrible friend) that you're living in a house in Cardiff now, that's really cool! Are you enjoying yourself? It's entirely possible I'll visit your area of the world in the future because two of my current housemates are moving to Merthyr in May and I've promised to visit them. When I go, I'll see if I can investigate the possibility of swinging by your place :) And if you, for whatever reason, find yourself in Canterbury, you should definitely let me know. I'm moving out of my current place (a great room in an okay house in an awful area) at the end of the month to a place with a good room in an excellent house in an excellent area, so I'm happy :D
    Aww, come here, let it all out. Oh man, Buffy is such an emotional wringer. I got home today and my housemates were watching Angel and everything is so sad ;; Community is a pretty excellent antidote, I love it so much. I haven't been keeping up with the most recent series, I have to admit I've been totally sucked in by Parks and Recreation, which is tying with Warehouse 13 of my favourite thing right now. Although Doctor Who's on tonight and I'm pretty excited about that!

    Ooooh, are you coming to the Expo this May? I know it's exam time and everything, but Mhals and I would be in attendance, and if you're about, we should definitely meet up :)
    I went home to the Shire. (Warwick brand.) I got a job at a café/restaurant that turned out to be really disorganized (they said I could come and work and they'd call me and let me know which day I could come in. They did not. I then called and they were like "oh did we say we'd call YOU? Lol, okoi, will deffo call later today" and they failed). I now want to explore Birmingham because it sounds like it has a buttload of quirky shops that I could see myself working in.

    I might eschew London if I have no money and go to BUCK (brony con if you didn't know) instead. Oh dear, Flazeah is getting into MLP.

    Um um I saw the "supremely cute lady when I went to visit my friend at his uni and now she's coming down to visit ME" post and was like SQUEE. Good luck! :DD
    I missed YOUR birthday! >:/ Raaagh at me. I hope yours was ossum! Mine was funful and I'm doing pretty good! I have much more free time now as I gave up uni (did not like the work) and although I hope to get volunteer work and a job, I'm hoping to go to that big animé thing that people go to in May if I have time, yay! (I am struggling between Pokémon/Star Wars/possibly Lara Croft for the lol factor cosplay ideas.)

    Sorry this has taken about an age to get back to you with, real life is being all weird (good-albeit-unemployed-weird). I am SO HAPPY you're getting to experience the BRILLIANCE that is Buffy, I hope you're enjoying it as much as I do :D

    And I know just what you mean about the 'suddenly getting references' thing - you know my thing for collecting icons? I'd save anything that even vaguely amused me, even if I had no clue where it was from. Now, pretty much whenever I see a new show, I'll recognise amusing lines and confuse myself and whoever I'm watching with.

    BuffyBuffyBuffy. So good. EVERYONE is my favourite character. I was lost and new-TV-show-less for a while, but I've suddenly discovered a ton of gooduns at once, although my favourite is actually pretty similar to Buffy (co-created by Jane Espenson, who worked on Buffy a ton) and you may have seen me ranting endlessly about it on Twitter, but I'm just throwing it out there - Warehouse 13. Extremely good :D I'm also experiencing Lost about a decade after everyone else, and so far it's going pretty well. And Parks and Recreation and Community are BRILLIANT AND HILARIOUS but hard to find in this silly country.

    Hope all's well with you, I miss you! Are you by any chance Expoing this weekend?
    For about five weeks, just under! It should be a really great trip even if I'm not particularly interested in lizards or tropical ecology! I figured a trip to Kenya was a brilliant idea!
    my exams happened I guess, there isn't much I can say about them really! I suppose I might have passed everything? I hope so! I'm just ridiculously happy there are no more exams for a year... and in a fortnight I go to Kenya to do a field course in tropical ecology!
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