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  • Ooooooo that sounds great! So many options about where in the world you could go. I'll laugh if you end up in an another English-speaking country. I AM GOOD I finished uni a year ago (!!!) and did a job for a bit but it was boring as heck so I bailed and now I'm trying to do writing/film stuff. It's FUN but being my own boss leaves so much room for laziness! Also do you do twitter/facebook or something? I'm barely on here so I've got most tCoD people on those
    (oh my god I haven't logged in since before my birthday what a shambles) THANK YOU. I had a great day. I also hope YOUR birthday was good. How are you doing these days?
    No particular reason, no! My parents just shoved a leaflet at me full of courses, I flipped right to the languages section, and the only ones that fit into my schedule were Chinese, Greek, Swedish and Turkish so I just randomly went for Greek. I strongly doubt anything Ancient Greek-related will be particularly relevant to Modern Greek, unfortunately, but I guess taking a peek couldn't hurt, could it? Thanks muchly for the offer.
    (I was thinking of taking Turkish as well, but a. the courses are like £300+ each, b. trying to take on two languages at once might be a fair bit much to handle, and c. people might think I'm secretly trying to run away to Cyprus and begin a new life.)

    Yeah, I'm not massively into the miniature horses any more either, really; I've barely watched the show for a year-ish except for one weekend where I caught up on season three about two or three months after it'd finished airing. :v Still, I'll probably try to follow season four when it starts (fun fact: the premiere is on the same day as my sister's wedding!). And no, I cannot say I was aware of this thing until you mentioned it just that very moment then.
    Ah, congratulations on engagedhood. :D Everyone seems to be doing that these days- my sister, two of my cousins and now you. It's a conspiracy I say.

    I too dropped out of university, back last January, and have become a lowly shelf stacker. I'm applying for an evening course in Greek later today once I have confirmation that my mother has inserted the necessary funds into the bank for me, though, so I have not entirely forsaken the concept of education. Other than that I've basically been slobbing around the same as always.

    Oh, and I discovered ponies so that's fun. :D
    FLAZEAH HI IT'S MEOWTH I'M ALIVE I got reincarnated to a new tcod account because reasons. I just randomly looked at my old profile for whatever reason and just noticed you posted on it like literally a year ago. :v How've you been since forever?
    Euurgh, that's a bit rubbish - I had a pub job that did something similar and just asdfghjkl come on guys people trust you with their patronage, get your butts in gear. I hope you find something cool.

    Teehee, MLP is great. I didn't realise there was a UK con though! It'd be like an IRL too-many-Pinkie-Pies thing. All the cosplay.

    Thanks! I'm like SQUEE too, but it's scary ajssnkdnklk
    Bahaha, it was good. :p You gave up uni? Eep! Are you still in Reading, or did you go home/elsewhere? Hope you get some work sorted - even when I'm up to my ears in essays (see: this week), I'd take that over the infamous job hunt. Ahh poop, Expo! I don't think I'll make it this year since I'm saving for LeakyCon (!!!!) You should definitely lol factor cosplay though. Combine all the ideas! Lara Stormtrooper Croft and her trusty sidekick, Pikachu.
    Whoops! I missed your birthday! :p Hope you had a really great time, and are continuing to do so with your general... life. Haha. Bonne anniverse!
    Aw, congratulations! Sounds very productive and nice. c: UWIC is alright, and it's pretty cool living in Cardiff. (Even when it's raining, which is... most of the time.) I have to sort out a house for next year soon though - I think three of my flatmates are up for it so it should be fine. Fingers crossed!
    Haha COMMUNAL FAIL :D How are you doing these days, anyway? Are you still at Reading?

    Not paying for food is lovely. My parents really need to hurry up and get back from their holiday so I can continue not doing so.
    Oh dear.
    I should not have found mine as easy as I did, considering that I pretty much started revising for each one on the morning before I was about to sit them.

    Eating Chinese is always fun! Oh, er, and so are families and birthdays.
    Thanks! I think they went pretty well. Hope yours weren't too bad :D

    I've already been home for about three weeks. There didn't seem much point hanging around with no more classes or exams or anything. :P
    I cannot remember a single thing about contract law. I'm going to need to be bothered to revise D:
    That is how I will dress in court if I ever become a lawyer. :D
    (It's just a Zoroark with a hat and monocle.)
    I am, thank you! Besides oversleeping this morning and missing my second Criminal Law lecture. :p Hope you are too.
    Is it terrible the the promise of DELICIOUS FOOD is increasing the 'yay uni' vibe quite a bit? Mmm.

    XD Ooh, sounds like fun. Are you off on your christmas holidays yet? We finish tomorrow! I keep walking past lower school classrooms where they're watching DVDs; I kind of miss that. I saw Muppets Christmas Carol on at least twice.
    Thanks x3 Or in a German accent, senk you.

    And merry christmas in case I don't speak to you until then, which I probably won't. xD
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