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  • ...I knew that's where it was from, but I haven't seen the movie. I never liked Disney Princesses all that much, I'm not very girly at all :P
    Best. Birthday gift. Ever. Seriously Cake, I just... I laughed so hard. It was SO AWESOME! I... words fail... just...

    No, it's a relatively important part of the experience! Well, actually, not for everyone, but I happen to have rather good food.

    I finished on the seventeenth of December and went back on the seventeenth of January. Another perk of uni: great holidays. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and that you chose unis okay! Aw, I remember the days of video-watching. ; ; Now I'm watching educational things at uni, and not for Christmas. It's good, though.
    Heh, I'm glad you liked your gift! It's not finished yet though, I have to colour it. That movie is totally the most epic thing ever though.
    I've seen onsies for sale around! I would like to get one, except there are two problems - firstly, they're still just one layer, and it is often the same temperature inside the house as out, so I'd still be hypothermic, and secondly, I am very short, particularly in the limbs, and the arms and especially legs would be far, far too long for me XD
    On the plus side, one of my housemates has a Snuggee (I think that's what they're called - one of those blanket things with arms?) and I use that for my own snuggletastic purposes :)

    Your Poland trip sounds amazing. I'm glad you had a good time! I love school trips where you get to hang out with the teachers - I remember we had a biology trip in sixth form and we played the real-life version of mafia and discovered that one of our teachers was insanely good at lying, and a camping trip to Exmoor where I found out that half the teachers thought I did weed o.O

    Aww, I love the signs, even if nobody can read them. The government catering to the needs of minority populations, I can only approve :D
    I know how the double l is pronounced, but that's about it. It's fun to speculate, though. I was saying Cymru as "sim-roo" for an embarassingly long time XD

    OI! Kinova! What's occurin'?

    Yes, the Doctor would improve just about any TV show. They have done a couple of crossovers for things like Children in Need and Comic Relief - I was going through a ton of old Youtube clips after this year's CiN and they crossed it over with Eastenders of all things (though it's Very Old Who) and the fantastic crossing over with itself in 2007. Though my favourite CiN crossover is Ashes to Ashes/Top Gear (obviously makes more sense if you've seen both programmes). But given they have the same writers for both Sherlock and Who, it's definitely not out of the question :D

    (Nine days! And now my essays are done, I can actually look forward to it!)
    It is a gorgeous building of gorgeousness!

    Oh, god. There is that. Trouble is, I get decent chocolate cake here, and I'm prety far away from home, so I'm good, but it's... so delicious. Right there. In front of you. Most days. Um. Yeah. Whether you're catered or not, you will be faced with DELICIOUS FOOD which you will probably feel you have to consume. So... don't worry about food at home! It will be the least of your problems!

    Sorry. I'm probably quite incoherent. It's what happens when I'm procrastinating on my French homework.

    Also, we still call it homework. Hawhaw. Well, I guess it's work that you do at home. Uhhuh.
    I know, I am a fool! I was trying to make it back in time to hand in an essay, and fought my way through snow for hours, only to discover that the admissions office was closed because of the bad weather XD So I spent the weekend regaining my core temperature and handed it in on Monday.
    Yeah, I don't know if it being so freakishly cold now means it'll be horrendous in February, or milder. I'm serously hoping for the latter, because right now thoughts of Christmas are the only things keeping me going, and if I have to live in this fridge I'm calling a house until April, I won't be happy ):

    Poland sounds fantastic! Is that a family holiday, school trip, or what? I've never been, but I'd like to.

    It's good that she's go so many people looking after her! It would be beyond horrible to have to go a time like that by yourself ):

    Haha, that is a late application (though I need to start applying somewhere soon if I want to do an MA - mercifully they let you apply until quite late, but I still don't really know where I want to go - I just know I don't want to join the real world yet!), but good luck with it! The Welsh government are fantastic. First the bilingual roadsigns, then the free prescriptions (I'm so jealous of that - I had to pick up a new round of inhalers the other day because the cold weather is doing my lungs in and it was fourteen bloody quid!) and now they make it so you don't have to be a millionaire to get a decent education <3

    I miss welshcakes ): My best friend at uni's Welsh and her mother used to send her giant packages of welshcakes that she'd always share out, but she's studying over in France at the moment. All I have are my Torchwood and Gavin and Stacey DVDs ;;

    Well done for getting your friend into Sherlock! :D I'm glad they're showing reruns - it's too good to only air once. I sort of want to write to the BBC and offer them my soul in exchange for them doing a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover as a Christmas special, or Children in Need special or for any occasion whatsoever I don't care it just needs to happen.
    Aaaah, navigating transport! One of my least favourite activities ever. Exemplified just this past week when I was going from visiting my family in Devon to my flat in Kent on the train, amid all the snow and not-running-of-trains. Mercifully, I managed to get back, but it was a near thing, and took nearly 9 hours D:
    Did you get much snow where you live? Devon was more icy than snowy, but up here in Kent, it was nearly a foot deep, which is more than I've ever seen XD

    Haha, I freaked out when the Time Dragon started doing its thing when I saw it when I was sitting near the front XD I seem to remember jumping a few times at verious points, actually. Clearly, I get nervous when ridiculously excited.

    How's your friend getting on? It sounds tough, but for what it's worth, you sound like you're doing an amazing job as a friend by being there for her.

    I've never even attempted NaNo; I haven't written in ages, and I'm not very good at those kind of high-effort, long-commitment thingies. I'm sort-of doing the ArtMo thing this month, but it's a bit all over the place. I'm on a bit of a Doctor Who kick at the moment (I so cannot wait for the Christmas special) and just keep drawing Daleks over everything XD

    Which unis did you apply to? Have you heard back from any of them? Best of luck with it! I really hope you get in; you don't want to have to pay the fees the students next year will have! D:
    Aw, thank you! It's ridiculously gorgeous. :3 I love the colouring.

    The building is... this one. Heehee. Um, I'd say whether or not a uni is close to home isn't of grave importance; if you can stand to be close to the 'rents, then go for it. You wouldn't have to go home much if you didn't want to anyway.
    EEEEEEEEE it is WONDERFUL thank you! It is now my desktop background and as soon as I find a working printer, I shall print it off and put it on my wall XD
    Hahaha, I completely agree and it's a wonderful formula :DDD Heee, John is so, so cute in your picture I can't stop grinning at him <3

    I have just realized that I (like the terrible friend I am) never replied to your last message - how was Wicked? Did you have fun?
    And how've you been in general? I haven't spoken to you in way, way too long.

    *stares at picture for a bit longer* :D
    IT IS YE.

    Um. It's awesome! Thanks. :3 Things are kind of crazy and I couldn't even begin to recount all the little things that happen each day - well I could but it'd take ages - but basically, I really like most things about it. Also I have found a building I love. Oh, and you can see planes flying over from Heathrow! It's basically a lot of fun and I'm really glad I came. Which unis are you considering?
    Well, I heard they're in the works of making a movie, which hopefully will be soon.

    Old Gregg! HE'S GOT A MANGINA
    Haha, Gregory is wonderful :) And I also have taken a liking to Saboo and Tony Harrison (who I might be going as for Halloween).
    Hell yes I am. I drove three hours away just to see their one-hour documentary in a completely different city. I remember having Naboo fever. It's a hilarious show.
    Thank you, and I did!

    I had a cake. c: And I was in a shop and I touched something that had glitter on it, and I became all glittery. C:
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