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  • Oh, thank you so much <3~ All of those drawings are really cute, and whismical. I especially like the Raticate, Shuckle, and Abra ideas. Houndoom's always really nice to see, too <3 How you managed to apply a bit of humor to each one is just awesome. Thanks again, and expect something on your special day. <3333~

    are fantastic. And I don't tell you often enough. <333 I absolutely love it; how long did it take to make? Have you done other animations? I'm always so envious of people who can do animation because I just don't have the patience for it at all x.x

    Thank you so much :DDD
    I've seen all of S1 and 2 now, and my housemate has informed me she got the DVDs of Children of Earth for Christmas, so hopefully I'll be watching that sometime later in the month. I want the DVDs for myself, but they're just so, so expensive. Especially given how few episodes there are per season D:
    I got the big West Wing boxset for Christmas, with all seven seasons, so that should keep me happy for a while XD
    I watched the Dr Who finale Christmas Day/New Year's day and it was really good and even though I don't really watch Dr. Who, I still felt really sad to see David Tennant go ):

    Welsh place names are very hard to spell and just as hard to say; I'd been pronouncing it "Sim-ru" until Ruth informed me (while laughing her face off) that the correct pronounciation of Cymru is "Cum-ree". I love Cardiff and Swansea for having nice and easy-to-say Anglocised names <3

    Minus four? Geez. Well done for doing it, though; raising £2500 is amazing. The massive group hide-and-seek sounds great fun (especially if moving around meant you didn't freeze to death) and the box forts sound epic. Did you actually get any sleep that night?

    I loved the Weevils, too. Especially Janet XD I think I liked Owen even less in S2, though, mostly because with his whole death arc it felt like it became The Owen Show, and when it came at the cost of other characters I liked more getting less screentime, it made me resent him a little. I think my favourite episode might be the one where Tosh and Jack get caught in the timelag-thingy in WWII and we meet the original Jack Harkness and things. I've met his actor (my best friend's really into theatre, and Original Jack's actor has done a bunch of stage stuff) and he was absolutely lovely :)

    My Christmas/new year was great, thanks! :D I got a whole bunch of stuff (lots of DVDs and pyjamas) and while I didn't do much over the new year (sat at home with some friends and played board games), it was great fun. And I have till the 18th to laze around doing nothing, which is brilliant :D How was your Christmas/new year?
    It's a shame the BBC's not repeating it; I'm lucky and my housemate has all the DVDs (well, not the series 3 special-thingy, but I think she's getting that for Christmas). I think Ianto might be my favourite, too, though I love Toshiko to bits. I had so much fun the other day, just scouring LJ for Torchwood icons. I actually have a folder called "The Many Faces of Gwen" because she has the most hilarious expressions XD
    Would you like to see my adorable Ianto icons? Of course you do! (don't mind me spamming your page)


    Hehe; just thinking about the wedding dress scene still makes me giggle X3

    It's so cool that you live near where they filmed it! I've only been to Cardiff once, last summer; my best friend at uni's Welsh and lives in (oh god, I'm going to utterly butcher this spelling) Myther Tydfil, so when I stayed with her, we went to Cardiff for the day. And it was so much fun seeing places I'd been to... well, get attacked by aliens and such.

    Well, I'm more jealous of people who can actually be bothered to write their ideas down X3 There's no point in ideas if you're just going to keep them to yourself.

    Yeah, I saw the news, too! It was absolutely brilliant fun, except I brought a whole ton of stuff, including my laptop with me (I had an essay that needed writing, so I worked on it on the coach journey to/from London), and by the end of the march my shoulders were absolutely killing me. So my advice to you is if you ever go on a protesty-march-thing, travel light :D

    Ooh, the best thing for keeping warm is layers. Lots of thin layers keeps you way warmer than a few very thick ones, so I'd wear a vest (or two) a long sleeved top, a t-shirt over that, a hoodie (or two) and then a coat over it all. Plus the warmest hat you can find (blah blah you lose something percent of your body heat through your head), and then about three pairs of socks, probably with boots. Good luck with your sleepout, and I hope the weather's nice for you! :3

    Royal Society for the Protection of Bananas XDD I think the actual RSPB would have issues with me creating that society.

    I spent most of S1 commenting on how useless Gwen was being (don't get me wrong, though; I love her. I thought her realsitic responses to things - like getting shot! She was shot and then she was in realistic pain, and you never see that on TV! - helped ground the show, especially alongside all the other utterly absurd stuff that was happening). And complaining about Owen. I wish I liked him more, especially in S2, where he's got about four episodes dedicated to him, but he just irritated me. And I don't get what Toshiko sees in him, either. My friend and I had such a good giggle over the sandwiches/asking out on a game of pool scene. Every time Tosh said something, we'd just croon "Loooooove meeeeeee~" over what she was saying XD

    (Stopwatch <3)
    Aaaah, we're having so much fun watching Torchwood. You should watch S1 again, it's so great and so over-the-top, I love it. We're onto S2 now, and I love that, too! I am absolutely loving Ianto actually getting lines this season; he doesn't say much, but he's so, so funny. And we watched the episode with James Marsters in and he sounds and acts so much like Spike off Buffy, so me and my friend just couldn't stop making references at every chance, much to the annoyance of our non-Buffy-watching-friend. Good times :D
    Haha, I think "Gwen's a bit rubbish" is the exact phrase I used to describe her XD I think there's maybe one or two episodes in S1 where she doesn't nearly die. I remember getting towards the end of the episode with the guy who loves aliens who actually dies at the beginning and then follows Gwen and co. around while they solve his death? Anyway, I was cheering that Gwen had gone a whole ep without nearly dying, and then a car comes and nearly knocks her over. So funny.

    Also, your NaNo story sounds absolutely brilliant X3 Guh, I'm in awe of your ability to write 50,000 words in a month and your originality; I can only write fanfics, and even then I don't actually write them (I've got like seven ideas for various fics I know I'll never write in my head).

    I don't think we'll be taking signs; I won't, at any rate, but we have to wear blue, so during my free day tomorrow I'll be nosing around the local charity shops looking for a blue hoodie or something. I have lots of blue t-shirts, but I'm really gonna need something else on top to stop my actual skin turning blue X3
    I had trouble finding red to wear today, too, for World AIDS Day. Why can't all these organized thingies just have yellow as their offical colour? I've got loads of that!

    I think Heroes is one of those things that's way more fun when you watch it with someone. I always have to keep up a running commentary with any TV show I watch (some find this deeply annoying but I can't help it), and it's always better to have someone actually listen and even talk back. I was really sad when Charlie died, too; she was fantastic. And yes, Sylar's eyebrows should be credited as their own separate character (I feel the same way about Wilson's eyebrows. And Thirteen's suspenders. And Ianto's stopwatch).
    And yeah, Hiro's my favourite, too; FRYING MAN! :D
    Kinova. Hi. I'm awake. I mean alive. *has not been posting or doing much for ages* So yeah, I'm catching up with messages and such, and sorry I'm lazy. I keep saying this, but yeah. >.< Eep.

    Yeah, my AS levels came out, and I was pretty pleased! Especially with German for which I got an A, but I was a little surprised with French, because I got a C, so I'm retaking that. How about your... exams? *is not sure what they are, ehe*

    Ooh, awesome! Yeah, admittely, I'm not sure whether we have a toaster either; we definitely have a microwave, which is neat. And we also have table football! Is this a kind of trend with sixth forms or something? Anyway.

    Oh, woo! The Eiffel Tower is amazing. Did you see the pretty lifts? Sorry; for some reason I love them. Oh, and the merry-go-rounds around the Eiffel Tower. Seriously. I will never be too old for them.

    Holiday...? Hmm... the summer one? It was awesome, thanks. Greece was hot and beautiful and I got to sit back and relax along with my mum while my dad, brother and cousin mostly insisted on doing the rope work on the yacht - we were on a flotilla holiday. We ate in some great places and our flotilla held a rather insane dingy race at a bay we stopped at, and my brother and cousin, who entered the race in our dingy, were sort of rowing haphazardly and came second to last, and everyone got sprayed with water by the lead people, so it was awesome to watch. The rowing didn't get that much better when we stopped at a smll port on an island and we had to row our dingys ashore... especially in the dark. Haha, that was funny. We - me, my brother and my cousin - went back to the yacht from the restaurant early and were sort of considering not rowing the dinghy back for my parents, but we did in the end. Um. Sorry, those are some holiday rambles, ehe. Oh yeah - I got to drive a motorboat in the week on land, which was fun. I'd only done it once or possibly twice before.

    Hope you're enjoying your sixth form and everything. And life in general! Yay. I'm currently at home because I only had one lesson today.
    Haha, one day one of us will reply to the other in a reasonable amount of time. One day. XD

    I saw you're done with NaNo! Well done! I'm in so much awe of you right now; I haven't written anything in ages, and something 50,000 words long in a month just seems astronomical. What did you write about, if you don't mind my asking?

    Yup, we have tons of clubs and stuff on-campus; there's literally a society for anything; from the American Football society to the pirate society (as far as anyone can tell, they just dress up and drink rum). They pretty much all take place at the university itself in the evenings; most of the sport-based ones are held at the university gym, while the less sporty ones (like Amnesty or Socialist group) happen in seminar rooms. Some of the film/screen-based societies are in the big lecture halls, where they use the projector to make a massive screen at the front. It's all pretty nifty :)

    Stickers and badges do make everything better; last year, they were giving out free badges and stickers and stuff at the LGBT Society stand during the Fresher's Fair (basically where all the societies have stands and try and get you to join, mostly by giving you free stuff), and I still have the "Homophobia is gay" badge I nicked on my bag XD
    I also have loads of Protect the Human paraphernalia ever since joining Amnesty, and my room's covered in flyers with dates for protests and meetings and stuff thanks to the Socialist group; if I get a decent start made on one of my essays, this weekend I'll be going to London with the Socialist group and taking part in a march to raise awareness of climate change in relation to the Copenhagen Agreement. It should be great fun :D

    Is school still going alright? I think you're in the same year as Grabby; you recently started sixth form, right? Hope everything's going okay; I remember A Levels being a horribly massive step-up from GCSEs, but Grabby seems to be coping a lot better (she works hard; I leave stuff to the last minute and panic). Just crashing over the Christmas holidays sounds like a very good idea; Lord knows we won't get any rest over the Easter break XD

    Also, the last month or so, I’ve been watching what I’ve been mentally calling “Kinova TV”, by which I mean Heroes S1 and then Torchwood S1. Heroes was good fun; I absolutely loved some of the characters, and guessing all the plot twists ahead (plus, Sylar was played by an actor who also played a computer geek in 24 so it’s hard to take him seriously), and I’m about seven episodes into Torchwood and it’s fantastic. Ridiculously over the top, but so good.

    And wow, this is the first time in a while my reply to anyone hasn't been stupidly late (I went on Devintart earlier today and was replying to messages nearly half a year old); such an achievement!

    Yup, I'm all moved in and stuff. We had about a month and a half without the internet, during which time I nearly died (I survived by spending all my spare time in the library with my laptop, where there's wireless, and I really do mean all my spare time. Once I sat there for about eight hours straight and only moved because my housemate dragged me home for food), but it's all sorted now.

    I have mastered my bolognaise now! I also have stuffed peppers (which is more of a recipe of my own creation than anything you'll find in a cookbook but still tases good), pizza (assuming I can buy the base) and stir-fry under my belt. I can also make a lasagne if my friend's around to make the white-sauce, 'cause I can't do that bit.
    Haha, I feel like I'm a character on Tales of Symphonia, with all this mastering of recipes XD

    Aww, sorry about all your essays ): I've done pretty much no work since I came back to uni, except I realized yesterday that I've got two essays due at the end of this week - and they have to be good because this year actually counts. Eep. ><

    Outside of work, uni's going really well; I've decided to be social this year and join some clubs and societies (last year all I did was fencing, and that wasn't a very social group - apparently spending two hours a week trying to stab one another isn't conducive to friendships), so this year I'm part of the uni's Amnesty International society, First Aid group and I also go to one of the on-campus Socialist groups from time to time. I kept meaning to do stuff with the LGBT society - I signed up to their mailing list and everything - but I never have the time or inclination to go (they keep going out to clubs and stuff that's not really my scene). Maybe next year.

    So how's everything going with you? It's good to hear from you :)
    Oh you silly cake.

    Bah, nothing that's revolutionary is ever considered appropriate at the time it is conceived! Society will be SO MUCH MORE INTELLIGENT just by watching dancing condoms and numbers and croissants! (For French class.)
    Well, it IS a revolunary way of teaching!

    What with kids running around dressed as giant condoms... and condoms full of mustard.
    Not bad. This year I've decided to go back to public school again, and it's not going as bad as I thought it would, though it seriously deprives me of TCoD time.

    I've long stopped spriting (ignore the post just a few below XP), mostly because I don't have fun with it the way I used to. Instead, I've taken up RPing, but I'm a pretty low-key RPer, seeing as, at the moment, I can't get into any RPs except this one that's been around for a while and therefore doesn't move as quickly as the newfangled ones that will hardly last more than two weeks.

    Oh, and look below; we had the near-same conversation last year. How silly. X3
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