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Kai Lucifer
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  • Ahh, I see. I'll be taking quite a break soon too because my high school summer prep just ended today.
    Which is quite a relief. Hope you have fun on your vacation!
    I'm fine as well. A bit overwhelmed with Regents preparations, high school entrance exams, and all the like but overall I'm pretty fine.
    D: Sorry, I gave my last couple of copies away just last month.

    I'll gift it to you next time it's on sale (because I'm cheap) if you want?
    I was going around showing it to random people and then later saw on da that thingy and posted it to you. <:

    Also scraggy >:v
    There are ways, but one is just a bit inconvenient given that I can't charge my cell phone and the other is I don't use Facebook.
    If you can get my mom away from the house for a good hour or so, perhaps. :< It's not like I don't want to scan them, it's just that I can't most of the time.

    Yup. It was relatively uneventful, which was just how I like it.
    Hey there, Kai! We haven't talked for a while. How have you been? And also, sorry for not being able to participate in the ArtMo. I sadly just don't have too much time.
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