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  • Ahaha, oh that's the story of my life (recently, at least). They're so much fun to draw :D I wish I could get the hang of curly hair, but most of the time I just go "Squiggles :D" and call it done.
    I tend to draw Galinda with blue eyes, just because she has the whole stereotypical blonde thing going on. I don't think her eye colour's mentioned in the book, but they're normally blue in fanfiction (fanfiction = the source of all knowledge).
    Plus, green skin is just awesome to colour. I never noticed it until I started drawing people, but white people have a really stupid skin colour. It's not quite pink, not quite peach, not quite yellow and somehow you have to mix everything together to get something vaguely right, and even then it's impossible to shade with. Oh, woe is me. Black people are fine (I love drawing Joanne :D), but green is definitely the easiest.

    I was an excited wreck a whole month before I went to see it - we went to see it the first weekend after our last exam, and I'm pretty sure the thought of going to see Wicked was the only thing that got me through those last few finals XD

    Oh geez; these messages are gonna end up as long as our PMs X3
    You should never apologize for drawing Wicked pictures (heaven knows I don't - and look at what I do to them), you should make an art thread, though :D
    And if you have the same cast as I did, it's bound to be stunning. Our Elphaba, Alexia Khadime, was amazing. I sat through the entirety of The Wizard and I with a O.O expression on my face because I've never seen someone sing so amazingly well before. And our Galinda was hilarious during Popular~
    You have to tell me all about it when you get back from seeing it~
    You're seeing Wicked? Yaaay~ Oh wow, what's the exact date?
    Eeee I hope you have a good time (pfft like it's possible not to, but I still feel like I should say that) :DDD
    I just got your If I Had $1000000 thing in your usertitle. I don't know how long it's been there, but I just noticed and filled me with fangirly joy.

    Just, uh, thought I'd let you know I approve massively :D
    So are you Welsh yourself? I find it so cool that they translate things into Welsh. :3 Hehe, at least the Welsh translation thing might come in useful for people who aren't actually sure where they are? :D

    Biscuits are probably standard staffroom supplies. My mum's school's staffroom usually has them too. And they had cake once. o.o That was amazing. I think they'd been doing a sort of staff picnic thing where they each had to bring something in... and either one or two people brought in chocolate cake and Victoria sponge cake, and they were both home-made... haarg. But anyway.

    So wait... are you at the school this week? I suck at working things like that out. ^^;

    Yes, I came out to my mum a while back, although IrkSplee did too a while afterwards. Not sure which coming-out story you were thinking of. Mine was the one where my mum asked me why I didn't want kids. Hehe, aw, don't be shy of the LGBT Club! Well, okay, even I'm slightly shy about posting there sometimes... >.>;

    Will you be/are you being called "Miss"? That's so cool. x3
    I don't know why, but I find the idea of living in Wales but still speaking English and such pretty neat-sounding.

    Ooh, good luck with your work experience. I haven't had any library experience, but I can tell you that the primary school should be fun. Especially if they have biscuits in the staffroom. >.> <.<

    Yeah, I did work experience last year. In Year Ten. It seems like absolutely AGES ago. O.O And I guess it is, really, considering how much I've learned about myself in that time, but anyway. I worked at my old primary school, and it was fun. :D Your work experience should help you gain confidence in the world of work and discover some of the inner secrets of the school such as who ran off with who, but shh.

    Which years are you working with? I was ill for loads of it, and I only got to work with Nursery and Year One, but it was cool. Heehee, and maybe they'll give you some chocolates at the end of it or something.
    Hello Kinova.I never knew you before,so hi! My real personality is the excact opposite of mewtwo,more like a mew or togetic(that's what i got in a what pokemon are you test) but i am currently mewtwo crazed :P
    Flazeahland...? xD That made me laugh.

    I live in England, so my time is GMT. Right now it is... 23:44. I will have a great remainder of the day, yes. Thanks. ;3

    Oh, you didn't confuse me! I wasn't searching for very long, hehe.

    Um, I'm good, thanks! I have a loong holiday this summer because I finished early for exams, and that's both good and bad. Good because I get time to do what the heck I like, but bad because there are people I'll miss over the summer.

    What about you?
    Hii, Kinova!

    Your name is awesome. It actually took me a few minutes to look through the forums for you and stumble across you again. :3
    OHHH you were marillbuddy! XD Why oh why has everyone changed their names!?
    Although I agree with Dannichu, Kinova is easier to spell and is pretty~ And makes me think of gingerbread biscuits! :D
    Well, Kinova's actually a lot easier for me to spell (I had a rat called Marill for four years and I still can't get the 'r's and 'l's right. DX), so I don't mind. I also like your new avvie - did you draw it?

    It'd be great if you could re-send me the last one, you forward-thinking genius-girl. :D
    Your changed name threw me far too much.

    Also; I miss our PMs ;;

    Also; Hi! Welcome back! :D
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