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  • Oh yes, that's why I like about vague plans! You're not really bound to one path. You get the basic idea and everything, but you're free to branch off and do pretty much whatever you want. Most of my plans are vague ones~!

    I'm walking on sunshine, whoa~

    There's the only song lyrics I can think of right now. XD
    It's a very vague plan. I pretty much just told you the whole thing, you won't like her after she's done being upset. X3 I don't know how, I just know that you won't.

    Italics make everything better~
    Ahaha. XD

    Drama, drama, drama~ <3

    Oh, but Kinova, I make up my plans as I go along! Does that count? I just thought up that plan right now, actually. X3
    Oh, you haven't heard of the Curly-Tailed Bird? It's all rainbowy~ :3 That's where the feather came from, I think.

    Thaaank you~ I'm styling. :D ;;Models around in clothes;;

    Awww, every post I make increases the urge? Maybe I'm just being overdramatic. ;;Loves drama;; X3 But poor Mourmedy, her life really does suck. D: But oh, you're not going to like her after she cheers up, I'll tell you that much.
    That name is much win, I should post there just because of the name (though her art is worth post there, as well.)

    I fail to what is amusing about spoonish (fantasmalic is a much better word), but thank you~

    Oh, I might have a name suggest for Pirate Amphy~ Vivian seems like it'd suit her, but it's your say, of course. You do have a sense of humour that I enjoy; it's sort of lighthearted.
    It looks like I have thought behind my art, I'm sort of surprised to hear that x3 I usually draw random things that pop into my mind, and somehow manages to look decent, I suppose. I normally lack planning in my work :D
    I still wanted to say thank you, and my conception of time is off, too~

    It's fine, I've been lurking in your art thread, too, which has one of the most amusing thread titles <3~ I'm quite fond of your Pirate Ampharos, which I guess is now your Pokésona. I wish I could come up with a Pokésona that easily, and make it adorable, too. I can't even think of a Pokémon that suits me. And your type of humour is giggle-worthy, especially in the MD mission. I adore the Houndoom using Pluck, too <3

    I wouldn't mind having incoherent babbling, in fact I quite like it~
    ...Hi Kinova~

    I still think of you as your previous username, though.

    Thank you for your trainer sprite <3
    Oooh, the Kinova had is lovely! It's so rainbowy~ ;;Loves it, puts it;; It matches with my Arylettmagecoat and Arylettjumper! Yay! I'm styling~
    Thank you very much <3 I'll let you know how it all goes :3
    Currently I'm desperately trying to apply for on-campus accommodation because I'm a moron and didn't do it sooner. And clearing through my stuff because I've got so much random crap that I'm never going to use, much less take with me, so my room's a mess of boxes and bags X3

    dsfl;hkfa WICKED~ I was absolutely stunned by the set when I saw it, too; the big dragon is amazing and the special effects were incredible (I'd seen videos of Defying Gravity on Youtube, but seeing it performed right in front of you...) and PM me soon so I can ramble about it with you :D

    What else did you get up to in London?

    I also like your new usertitle. I always like your usertitles X3
    Arylett-y, yay~ I need to look as Arylett-y as possible, otherwise I won't be Arylett!

    Oooh, I LOVE IT. It would go awesome with my Arylettmagecoat~ And that feather, so fluffy, so awesome, so hatty! :3 Ooh. ;;Is left in suspense;;
    Oooh, a Kinovahat! It sounds lovely~ I would love to see what it looks like when you figure out what it is. X3

    ;;Puts on an Arylettjumper AND an Arylettmagecoat;; It's the latest in the Clothesborough line~ I'm styling, hmm, hip? And I'll look even more styling when I get my Kinovahat. :3
    Oh yes, awesomenocity is pure awesomenocity. XD Whee, it's my favourite phrase~

    I'm glad you had fun with it! But there's only one coat, and that's mine~ Hmm... ;:Thinks for a bit;; Ooh, I know! ;;Makes you one;; Here you go. One Arylettmagecoat, with extra awesomenocity. :D
    Eee~ I got into Kent uni!! :D
    It's very strange how I can simultaneously really look forward to and be utterly terrified of something X3

    Good luck with yours next week - and have fun in London with Wicked and everything :DDD
    It's taken me ages to reply, sorry. ; ; I'm so lazy and argh.

    I find places and languages really interesting, so speaking English but living in Wales, being Welsh and hearing Welsh seems awesome to me. xD They seem to have a lot of ys (or do you spell it "y's"? o.o) in Welsh. Haha, that's so cool. :D

    Delicious rewards of working in a school... this is why people become teachers, other than the holidays. >.> Well, not really, but I could definitely understand if that particular aspect of working in a *school* with a *staffroom* that has *delicious food* in it is a major factor in compelling people to teach. Heehee.

    Kids are funny. There was one who kept asking me hilarious questions when I went to my mum's school to help her (although I couldn't do much), like "Why are you here today?" and "Why is your hair so curly?" (It's wavy! :O). Also on one occasion, "Why do you think I keep asking you questions?", or something like that.

    Yep, I was in the car. We were actually coming back from an after-school maths session thing (for those of us who wanted more help than we were already getting for our GCSEs) and one of the teachers was talking to my mum and she was laughing or something and I told her to stop being embarrassing and the teacher said "You'll understand when you have kids of your own", to which I replied "Heh, I'm never having kids of my own", or something like that. So my mum questioned me about it in the car.

    Hehe, I saw that you joined the club. Woo! That's great. It made me feel happy. :D ...I'm so easily pleased. No, just kidding. Oh, you know what I mean. I hope.

    Mmhm, it's like dominoes, only not. (Insert thing here) WRAARGH SUPPORT :D It's fun to watch it unfold. :3 Okay, I'm saying quite strange things. You'll have to forgive that. It's, um, late! Yeah.

    Hmm... I don't think they called me Miss. From what I remember, I think they just called me Hannah. Which is my real name. They might possibly have told the kids to call me Hannah because at my school, we call the teachers by their first names, but I doubt it, I guess. They probably just thought it'd embarrass me or make me laugh or something if the kids called me Miss. I have no idea. xD

    Uh, uh, my extended holiday is going really well - I went to Greece for two weeks and came back a few days ago, and that holiday was tons of fun - and there are, what, less than three weeks left now? Damn, I took ages to reply. Sorry. >.<; But I can hardly wait to go into the sixth form, if I make it there. x3 How has yours been going, Kinova?
    So, I've got a sort of random question.

    Do you still have that picture you drew for my birthday? Of my Pokesona? I was looking all over my computer to find where I saved it, but no luck. D:

    I seem to have lost all my birthday drawings, eee. ;;Goes to bug other people;;
    That lady from FF was Rinoa.

    And my current avatar is from The Office, not ER. XD

    The world has already imploded! Eee, eee, Arylett changed her avatar! Quick, save the children! Save the children! XD
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