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  • Slow down, Kinova! Geez... Don't you know that I can't cartwheel? << ;;Skips after you;;

    Oh, so THAT'S where it comes from. XDXD Aww, that's why I hate little kids. You have to restrain your potty mouth. And Arylett really likes to curse.

    ...You cheated! Cheater! Oh yeah, here's something you WON'T get. What YEAR was I born on, huh? Oh no, my profile can't help you there.

    Come on, shake it! Shake that thang~~~ ;;Arylettdances even more;; It IS fun. :DD

    Eeek, a stuck pencil in your foot is NOT good. Especially not for the ruler of a country like myself! But yes, you're welcomed, Royal Fashion Knight Kinova. Why not try it out and see if it works?
    Oooh yes, there is a yellow brick road! Oooh, look at those munchkins~ SO cute... Tehehe.. OW! One of them bit me... D<

    She says a lot of weird, rated G things like that all the time. XD Whilst I'm cursing my potty mouth off, she's saying "Oh fudgekins."

    When IS my birthday? ;;Still suspicious;;

    Whoo! Come on, Kinova, do the Arylettdance with me! ;;Does Arylettdance;; Shake it, yeah~ Shaaaake it~

    (Aww, that's a spot of bad luck right there. D: Here, I can fix it. ;;Bangs pencil on something;; This is how I get everything to work.)
    Jolly good, then! Let us go, go to the doctor's office! ;;Skipping;; We're off to see the doctor, the wonderful doctor of the doctor's office!

    Pickles. X3 It gets funnier every second. I have a friend who says: "Oh fudgekins."

    For my birthday...? ;;Shifty eyes;;

    You are most welcome! ;;Holds scepter up high;; Huzzah! Let us have a celebration, a celebration in honor of the mighty Knight Kinova!
    We should be very careful and wary of this bug... In fact, I'm going to go get an immunity shot. Recently discovered. Want to come with?

    Oooh... ;;Gazes at Holy Invisibility Pencil in awe;; Thank you, I am not worthy! ;;Bows;;

    You do, do you? Oh cookies.

    You're hiding something, aren't you? Aren't you?! ;;Looks at rug suspiciously;;

    The Queen is pleased, she is pleased at your compliment. Just for that, I now knight thee, Kinova, Captain of the Royal Fashion Knights! ;;Touches you with sceptor;; It is complete! Now... gaze in awe upon her! The mighty Royal Fashion Captain Knight Kinova!
    Oh, so did I! Must be a bug... A bug going around... ;;Shifty eyes;;

    GASP. You're giving me... humble little old me... a pencil? ;;Takes it, holds it up high;; I now proclaim that I shall treat this sacred item with honor and respect! In the name of the great Kinova, I will use it with justice! ;;Holy music plays;;

    Crumpets and crumbs. X3 But awesomenocitydannichufandomism is pure awesomenocity, you can't deny that.

    Hey... what's that under that mat...? ;;Suspicious;;

    Excellent idea! Kneel, dear Kinova... Queen Arylett's going to make you part of the Royal Fashion Knights. ;;Brings out sceptor;;
    Hmm... that's strange... I seem to have forgotten the conversation as well. Maybe there's a memoryvirus going around...

    Oooh... cool... I want an invisibility booster! I've only got the one that makes things visible... A visibility booster... If I had an invisibility booster though, my collection will be complete! ;;Presses button, pencil is visible again;; Visibility boosters don't have a lot of use without an invisibility booster... <<

    I tried. And my tongue got really confused. XD Oooh, that word is so long~

    But everything is a spoiler to me~ I want to be be TOTALLY surprised. Not know what's coming~

    Arylettmagecoat, maybe. I'm already doing the Arylettjumper~ They'd just be a tad warm together though, just a itty bitty tad.

    Awesomenocitydannichufandomism is my new favourite word. :D
    Cool, brunch. :D I'll have to have my private jet fly me over there, America's pretty far from Wales, I hear.


    Aww... but you have to tell me...! Please... ;;Looks with pleading eyes;;

    Unnecessarily long words are fun~ Awesomenocity is one of them. And Dannichufandomism is pure awesomenocity, like awesomenocity itself.

    Nooo, spoilers~ D<

    You were going to draw it? Well, you can draw it too if you'd like. X3 I grant you the rights to me! (Arylett is C by Arylett and may only be used by those she permits.)

    :D is just :D.

    Who says it isn't a word? Crazy people?
    Oh... Tuesday's not good for me... Sorry... Do you have anything on Saturday, maybe...?

    I'm too lazy to even get up. (Or to write a sentence longer than that one.)

    Oooh, magical disappearing pencil. ;;Stares in awe;; HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!

    I proudly proclaim myself a member of the church of Dannifandomism! ;;Is watching the whole musical on YouTube;; Yes~

    Stylin' Arylett! Ooh, thanks for giving me a title! That's what I'll call it then. XD ;;Will draw it;;
    I'm waiting! In fact, I'm sitting at the receptionist's office right now, waiting to see if you have an appointment! ;;Dramatic pause;;

    Whew... That was some intense tickling... Thank you for showing me mercy. ;;Bows;;

    Do not be afraid of the pencil! It may do crazy things, grasshopper, but that is because it is brimming with creativity! Let it unleash your creativity and give it form on paper...

    Ooops... I shouldn't have left those things laying around! ;;Picks up Arylettcurls, reattaches them to head;;
    Oh really? I'd like to see you try! >D I shall remain unhip, for as long as the world exists and there's nothing anyone can do about that, so ha!

    (Has not even said anything about laziness.)

    Aaah! Aaah! ;;Laughs insanely;; Get off! Get off! I'm insanely ticklish! ;;Flails around madly;;

    Ideas? You have to come up with ideas? All I do is just draw. That's it. I draw things without any prior thought, that's how I did all of my Creations. Just draw, young grasshopper, and let the mystical pencil guide your movements... trust in it! Trust in the power of the pencil and you shall suceed.
    Ah, I tend to review a couple, and then forget about them :< It's not the best way to do such. I'd like to see more Kinova comments, though :D

    Aha, I tend to find things to be amusing, but I feel odd when someone says that a certain thing I do is interesting, or percular. x3

    Vivian's one of my favorite names, it's pretty, but not girly~ Vivian~

    Oh, thank you, though :D
    D< Grrr... Well... since I'm hip... I proclaim that everything I do is now unhip and everything the former crazy kids do is hip, thus making you the crazy kid once again. Ahahaha!

    ^ ........

    ;;Throws floofy curly hairs all over your profile;; And this is now Arylettown, a smaller part of Arylettopia! ;;Brandishes my own floofy crazy curls at you;; (Kinovaville. XDXDXD.) One false move and I'll tangle you in it!
    Aww... I was trying to be unhip on purpose! You crazy kids...

    ;;Does ABSOLUTELY nothing, doesn't even put in "...";;

    ;;Sticks a pole with an Arylettjumper on it in your profile;; I claim this in the name of Arylettopia!
    Yes, yes, I suppose that's true. Stick to what you know~

    Though I feel more comfortable commenting on original stuff, since it's not some crazy kid fandom stuff that I could mess up. And they're more likely to forgive you if you mess up since their original stuff isn't widely known like fandoms are. But eh, regardless of whether drawing original is "in" or "hip" with you crazy kids, I'll keep doing it, because I'm terribly unhip no matter what~

    ...... ;;Too lazy to even RESPOND to that;;

    Ahaha, but I'm comandeering your vistor messages too! ;;Conquers Kinova's profile;;
    Oh yeah, that's the main good thing about original stuff. XD People are less likely to notice all the bad stuff wrong with them! Do you really spend longer looking at my Creations? It seems to me whenever I post them less people comment than when I post fandomy stuff, I dunno, that's what I've noticed. And your drawing skills aren't that bad, don't be so hard on yourself~

    Oh yeah? Well, well, I'm SO lazy that I'm too lazy to disprove your accusation of being lazier than me. Ha.

    ...Yes indeed. ;;Is very amused;; XD
    Nothing can top the vagueness of "vague"! And you know it's true~ X3

    ;;Finds it amusing to call you a 'crazy kid';; XD Oh yeah, you have no idea how many times I say variations of that in Dannichu's threead~ That's why I mostly just draw Pokemon or original stuff. (Like Creations) I mean, I do have things from other fandoms, but the only fandom I really like to draw from is Pokemon. Otherwise, I prefer drawing original things.

    Ah, you crazy kids and your fandoms~

    Oh really? >D Nobody can beat me in laziness, I should win a prize. But if they gave me a prize, I'd be too lazy to even get up and get it. Too much effort. D: That and I'll just sit here for hours dying of thirst because I'm TOO lazy to get water. I mean, you have to walk to the kitchen and then get a glass and then fill it up and THEN WALK BACK. Oh my god, it just kills my legs.

    The above statement was the vaguest thing I could think of.

    I know FF and ToS, but there's a lot of things that I don't know about that you crazy kids like. (Wicked! That's another one) Oh, it's like I said in Dannichu's thread, I wish I knew what half her drawings were about. XD I find it harder to comment on drawings that I know nothing about we're they're from, actually.

    Aww, laziness is okay~ Because I'm the laziest person of them all. I'm so lazy that if I want to do a math problem, I'm too lazy to just look for the calculator and end up doing it without one. XD
    We were? Well, we sure were being vague about our conversation about vagueness.

    Hmm, I see. I've heard people here talking about this Avenue Q thing and a bunch of other stuff I don't know about. (Like Phoenix Wright) Oh Kinova, I am so not hip, I can't keep up with you crazy kids and your trends~

    It's okay, I lurk all the time in people's art threads. ;;Is so lazy;; :3
    Oh yes, THIS is very vague~ What are we even talking about?

    I said I haven't heard it! ;;Clicks link;; But now I have... XDXD And yes, that song doesn't go with Harry Potter. X3

    If you were gaaaaaay~
    Ahaha, same with me. Same with me, Kinova. Still, it's fun to plan vaguely!

    I've never heard that one, it sounds funny. XD

    If you were GAAAAAAAAY, hurray!
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