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  • There's one more thing! ;;Starts speaking in terrible British accent;; How's this? Now they won't recognize my voice~ The Queen always plans ahead, quite spiffing, aren't I?

    I told you. X3 I suck! And how can it sound more British than you? XD Whoo, more Awesome Points for Arylett~ Also, I thought nobody used that would. X3 (Cen-tur here. Oooh, tell me if it works~)

    Ink it! Ink it! ;;Starts chanting;; Hmm... I guess we'll have to wait for my Arylettsparkles nickname to pop up in your head then~

    (Why yes, you are~ Blaziken are awesome and Alice is a cool name~ Like Alice in Wonderland. X3 Also, I'm arylett-dawnsborough@hotmail.com. Whoo, what a surprise~)
    It better be an expression of awe! The Oath must be taken seriously! It MUST. Also, I shall aid you on your quest to find Glinda... but first I need a disguise... ;;Puts on moustache;; There! Now NOBODY will recognize me.

    ...I was? But you just said something about Yellow Brick Roads and stuff... Where did I go on vacation to, anyway? It sounds weird.

    I did it. Please, feel free to laugh at me. It is bad, awful, fail. X3 I sound like... crappety crap. My references have failed meeee~ Quite unspiffing, really. (And how do you guys say "center"? And fwee, fail Friends accent. I would so love to hear that~)

    ...Jewely jewels! Ooh, sparkly~ I can't wait for my nickname and battle costume!

    (Also, you have MSN? Can I add you to my contacts? :3 Talking to you is fun~)
    Yeees, yess indeed~ But do not laugh! The Bloody Fashionable Oath is something very serious! Once you take it, you can't get out! Now then, are you going to tell Glinda about that old pervy wizard? So I can hide.

    Um... No, actually, it doesn't... What are you talking about? D:

    Cirrus taught me some British words. X3 She taught me spiffing~ If I actually tried it on microphone though, I think it would be the most fail thing ever! Ooh, you know, I could probably do it too... Hmm... ;;Gets out microphone;; Prepare to laugh, laugh at the girl who's only heard British accents in Hugh Grant/Harry Potter movies! (Also, oooh, Friend accents~ Try them, Kinova, try~ No seriously though, Arylett fails at British accents~ Colours~ Centre~ Fibre~)

    Ponder away, Kinovacakes, ponder I do say! And come up with a jem, a most worthy Arylettjem!
    Well, of course it was dramatic! It's not called the Bloody Fashionable Oath because it sounds cool! (Very well... but this pact is a magical pact Kinova... You are bound to it by powerful magicks. That's all I will say.)

    ....Wheee, prettiful rainbow marshmallow clouds~ Free me, free me into the- Huh? What is going on...? Oy Kinova, how did we get here?

    (Yes, exactly! Kinovacakes goes perfectly with your art/spriting threads. X3 Oh my God, that accent was funny! XDXD Don't worry, I fail at British accents~ Um, let me try what I think one is: I do say, bloody brilliant and what not! Look at all the colours, they're all my favourites. Yeah uh, X3. I got bloody brilliant from Harry Potter. XDXD)

    Hmmm indeed... What could you call Miss Arylett?
    ;;Takes cloth from you, holds it up;; This oath, this oath from the Knight Kinova, it is ACCEPTED! ;;A light shines upon it;; There, you have now pledged yourself to that oath. Oh and you don't want to know these terrible things... trust me... you don't want to know...

    Mommy, where are you going? ;-; Don't leave me, mommy! Nooooooo, mommm- ;;Is yanked away from the doctor, gets memory virus shot;; Owwwie!

    (Kinovacakes, that's my new nickname for you~ Oh hush now, it ain't bad. Miss Arylett says it ain't. ;;Feelings all Southern bell-like;;)

    (Mmm yes! I would SO buy rainbow marshmallow cloud food~)
    No, no, of course not. We are a humane nation! But um... that's not how you do the Bloody Fashionable Oath. You must give me some of you blood and put it on this piece of cloth. ;;Hands it to you;; Then you must say: "I pledge the Bloody Fashionable Oath to the Gods and all the monarches, past and present of Arylettopia that I shall..." and then you say what you're going to do. Why do you think we call it the "Bloody Fashionable Oath"? However, don't break it... oh no... because terrible things will happen.

    8DDDD Mommy, is that you? ;;Hugs Kinova;; Mommy! I lurves you, mommy, I lurves you and the rainbow marshmallow clouds~

    (Oh come on, Kinovacakes~ Nobody's a good judge of their own work~)

    (Also, I hadn't thought of that! Wow~ X3)
    Do you promise?! Do you promise the Bloody Fashionable Oath?! You must promise before I can trust you!

    ....8DDD Pretty rainbow marshmallow clouds~ Do you see them Kinova~? I see them... and I see Lucy in the sky with diamonds~ Oh, pretty pretty shiny shiny~

    (Aw, I'm sure it'll be pure awesomenocity~ You're just self conscious~)
    It better be anonymous! If I find out you spoke ONE word about me in there... why I'll ban you for Arylettopia and strip you of your Fashion Knight status! And it'll be deported back to Kinovaville for you. And I don't want to have to do that, because you're the best Fashion Knight of them all~

    8DD I don't need shades, I have glasses, remember? It's so shiny... I just want to eat all of those emeralds...

    (:3 Vision~ And whoo, I'm excited for my battle costume~)
    Good! Good! She has to believe it... But don't tell her who gave you that lead! ;;Sees green glimmer;; Ooooh, prettypretty shinyshiny~ 8D This place... is it heaven?

    (But Awesome Points can be used to spread awesomenocity! And awesomenocity is something very good, because it makes everyone awesome! And that's why Awesome Points are useful. ;;Nods;;)

    (X3 I have to see it Kinova, I just have to. It is pure awesomenocity, I bet! ;;Gives you even more Awesome Points;;)
    Well... um... you will have to explain that part actually. Or you could just tell her that she doesn't need to know that. Yes, that's it! Oh and we MUST go fast! The virus, it consumes our minds right now as we speak! ;;Skips FASTER;; (Thank you for your good wishes of fruit.)

    (Rainbows and lollipops? Hmm... yes, I have heard of them... Some of the Kinovian immigrates here have brought some rainbows and lollipops. Actually, there are a lot of Kinovians here, now that I think of it. But yes, use those Awesome Points, use them in pure pizzazz!)

    Pizzzzzzaaaaazzzzzz~ Yes, "z" deserves more love~
    Yes, that is where we're skipping off too! ;;Still avoiding those stupid holes;; Remember, immunity shots for the terrible memory virus. But... I don't want to change my naaame! I've always been Arylett! And I'm a Queen, I can't just disappear! I have a country to rule! Just don't mention me at all, say that you saw him at a strip bar the other day. (I shall begin my quest then. My quest to find another!)

    (Very good! Very good! ;;Gives you extra Awesome Points;; Remember, Awesome Points are the currency of Arylettopia. I don't know what you used in Kinovaville, but Awesome Points are pure awesomenocity. Use these Awesome Points, use them in your journey to make this outfit shine with pizzaz and style!)

    X3 Kinova learned a new word~ Add it to your Kinovadictionary~
    But I'm only the Queen of Arylettopia! I'm not the Queen of Oz... And he's the Wizard of Oz! Go talk to Glinda, man... this is out of my hands. Oh and don't tell anyone I told you! That wizard... like I said... who knows what he would do? ;;Shudders;; (D: They took it off YouTube because of a copyright infrigement or some stupid business like that. And to think, I only saw the beginning. D: I'm looking for another video that hasn't been taken off.)

    (Both! Yes, yes, brilliant! Put as many weapons as you can with as much style, grace, and pizzaz! Remember, me and my band of Royal Fashion Advisors will be grading your work!)

    Go ahead now! Use it... use the sacred pencil. And feel its power for yourself, Knight Kinova...
    Yes, goodness! O_O He... he looked at my chest in ways that I don't even know how to describe... (Glinda didn't know! She didn't know. I was just... to afraid to speak up. He is the all powerful wizard, who knows what he would do to me if I exposed his perverted habits...)

    (Good, good job! Already you're shaping up to be a good captain! If you get this costume good and ready, then I will give you a medal of honor! Work fast and work carefully! You can't screw this up, we're at war!)

    ...Do you really think you're going to drop it? Come on! Have some faith! ;;Pats you on the back;;

    Huzzah! Rome wasn't built in a day and your transparency efforts probably will not be either~
    Well... um... shh, don't tell but... (He used it to um... go to the strip bar... Yeah... That wizard is a lot more pervy than you think, he kept staring at me the whole time. O_o)

    (All of my Fashion Knights know about Valirett! In fact, the entire country knows! She is our archnemesis, but I suppose you've never heard of her, seeing as how you're from Kinovaville. I tell you, she is mean as they come, a terrible dictator who sent her country into turmoil, but her military's much powerful than ours... she could invade any day now...)

    It better be safely! That is the only pencil of its kind, a priceless family heirloom passed through royal generations of the Dawnsborough family! Look... look at this insignia on it! Do you see it? That's the Dawnsborough family sign! Obviously a sign of it being a rare artifact!

    XD Keep up in your quest, young Kinova! And eventually, the transparency harvest will prove bountiful! You shall see, you shall see!
    Well actually... he didn't use the money I gave him for that... <<

    (You don't know?! Gah, new Knights. Okay... the rival country is Valirettland, ruled by the ruthless Valirett, who is also known as Anti-Arylett... She and I are complete opposites in personality and appearance.)

    No! All urges must be restrained to even prove worthy of the Magical Royal Holy Pencil!

    Go, young Kinova, go! May your quest be fruitful and may your harvest of transparency succeed!
    Wonderful? Wonderful?! That guy owes me money! Like... I lent him fifty dollars one time... For something I'd really rather not talk about... But anyway, he still hasn't given it back! The nerve, I say.

    ...State secrets...? WHAT state secrets?

    (Psst... shh... don't mention the secrets... There could be a spy from our rival country here somewhere...)

    No! ;;Takes bubblewrap from you;; The pencil is delicate! Even the slightest sound will set off its magicks!

    Hmm... I'm using GIMP... But I found this guide, that looks relatively simple. Hopefully it'll help you in your transparency quest~
    That makes sense! Ah, no wonder they were doing all that singing. Oh geez, if it was me, then they'd have to be singing ALL THE TIME. Every single moment, I'd be cursing. I'd be all: "Dammit! We're not at the freaking wizard yet?"

    Aha! So you are lying! Tsk, tsk, tsk! Lying is not befiting a Royal Fashion Knight Captain, you know!

    Don't drop it! If you drop it... something very cataclysmic will happen! That pencil... it's got some power in it... The magicks within it are immense complex.

    Oh, what program do you use? I think I could tell you how.
    Ooow... ;;Still in hole;; How did Dorethy get through this hell road? If I were in that movie, it'd be a lot less kid friendly, that's for sure... Damn holes...

    What...? What is that look on your face?! Is it the face of lies?!

    Yes, that's why it's fun! I do it all the time! ;;Arylettdances with Kinova;;

    Don't be silly! Of course it's meant to be! ;;Gets you a newer, shinier, prettier pencil;; Try this... but be careful... This is the Queen's Royal Holy Pencil...

    Just wanted to make sure. :3 Also, is it okay if I make the background transparent? I really just want to make sure. ^^
    Oooh! ;;Hop, skip and a jump;; This is fun~ Yes, of course, got to wa- Waah! ;;Falls into one;; Stupid things! D<

    ...I will deny it! It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to be a crazy kid! You're the crazy kid!

    Ah, ah, but dear Kinova, this is Arylettdancing... And with Arylettdancing, it's impossible to get hurt! ;;Keeps Arylettdancing on table;;

    ...Oh dear, that pencil sure is taking long! ;;Bangs it some more;;

    (Also, do you mind if I use your sprite of Arylett Mage? I'll give credits, of course~)
    XDXD Ahahaha! Ahahaha! ;;Laughs and points;; No, no, dear Kinova, my body is not designed for such tomfoolery. ;;Skips over the potholes, still laughing at you;;

    ...You're the crazy kid, remember? Potty mouth = Vulgar tongue. Someone who curses all the time~

    It has EVERYTHING to do with it! And damn, how'd you know it was 1992? You're a good guesser! ;;You have impressed the Queen Arylett! Plus 6 Knight Points!;;

    Shake shake shake~ Shake shake shake~ Shake your rumpy~~ Shake your rumpy~~~ ;;Starts Arylettdancing on a table;;

    Yes, a Royal pain in Her Highness' foot. ;;Adjusts crown;; Oh, this silly thing always falls off my head. But yes, inspiration shall strike you soon! ;;Waits as well;;
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