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  • mot phut.
    io loc, nhanh chong vot vao trong phong, co hung phan quo mua mot phan tai lieu keu to, giong noi kich dong cuc ky han hoan.

    "Em chay cham chut!" Lien Tinh Bach voi vang tien len do lay Mich Nhi dang vui ve, "Can than chan trai cua em, vua moi khoi han, em nen chu y mot chut!"

    "Em khong sao ma..., chay thành lập công ty hà nội uy tín
    giảm béo
    cách giảm mỡ bụng hiệu quả
    thẩm mỹ viện lavender có tốt không
    nhay deu khong co viec gi, anh Tieu Bach khong nen qua lo lang!" Mich Nhi loi keo Lien Tinh Bach, voi vang muon cung anh chia se su vui ve cua minh, "Ha ha, bay gio co mot tin tuc tot muon noi cho anh! Phuong an tri lieu cua Tim da ra lo! Qua nhien em con co rat nhieu cho kem hon me, me giup em hoan thien rat nhieu cho! Chi can co phuong an tri li
    Hey? I used to be therocketman11. I switched accounts after I, in the three years of inactivity, forgot my password. Not even sure if you're still active. Reply if you are.

    Yeah, you should get into ASB! If you had an old team Negrek can get them back for you so there's that.
    I feel like a "if you ever need someone to vent to, totally leave something in my PM inbox" is necessary here..?

    There's some stuff being stirred up in the Signups boards, though? Hopefully those take off. Hrml.. no one that we both knew who's still around immediately comes to mind :U
    Ah, man. Hope that's all worked out?

    Oh yeah, I know what you mean. When I came back I think I knew all of four-ish people? (Turns out everyone's still around, just under a different username!) The RP board's deeeaaad D: iirc there are only one or two active RPs right now.
    Haha, guess we both wandered into each other at the right time.

    I'm pretty good! Still avoiding responsibility for as long as possible, as usual. And you?
    Hey you logged on a while ago, that means you're alive :0 How long has it been since we talked?
    That's s rather important reason as to why I've been so absent. There's not really anything that's caught my eye, RP-wise ( I'm attempting to rectify that by joining the RP "revenge," but we'll see how successful that turns out.)
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