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  • Now that I think about it, the original intent of "all the worlds combined into one" was to make things less dimension-hopping I guess I never really had time to solidify the question of how one gets from "here" to "there." Perhaps if I bring up the idea of dystopia, a few definite worlds can be chosen for the mainland, with outlying areas being later decided worlds.

    I think the Idea Center would have justification to be brought back, and a request to be stickied. It was one of the most centric points on the RP board for such a long time; one can only wonder why it petered out.
    Some kind of fictional middle ground sounds better, to be quite honest. I can't see a fantasy setting in the real world, so I could just make up some kind of country, give it sections, and this is starting to sound like the failed planet RP. Hoo boy.

    Well after a solidified idea has been brought up, I'll post something in the idea center, and see what happens from there. As of now you, MG, and mewtwo are the primary options for possible DMs. perhaps posting in the idea center will bring more results after it's been figured out.
    I'm thinking something very... dystopian. I can't really decide anything beyond that.

    Granted, I myself don't want to start the main thread, since RPs I handle have a very, very poor track record
    What I would like to happen is another sort of Fantasy-world style RP to come up. This desire is mostly caused by my obsessive reading of Order of The Stick.

    I, too, have heard that it's an amazing game, though one rumor has it that you can't technically die...

    Oh, and today's BitF is rather hilarious. Go check it out if you haven't already.
    It's fine. RPs come and go, but I would have liked this one to hold out a little longer (though I'm surprised it held together for as long as it did under my management anyways.)

    I actually haven't obtained or pre-ordered Epic Yarn, much to my regret, mostly because I'm flat broke except for a 3DS fund that I'm throwing together. The holiday season is fast approaching, so I figure that will be my best chance to get it. If it's anything like Adventure, I know I'll be hooked.
    Well for that price, it's not a bad deal. My main gripe about III is that switching jobs has little effect on stats and abilities, whereas FFV does. And the lack of save points. Goddamn final dungeon making me spend 2 hours getting to the final boss just to make me lose. >:(
    III DS is very meh. I would suggest getting it at as cheap a price as possible. If you want a better FFDS game, go for Final Fantasy Tactics A2. I really didn't like III that much, and it really pales in comparison to V.
    FFII is really the only FF I can't stand. I've played every game (except 13), and I like most of the other games.

    It does get tedious, but I skip alot of the dialogue so I don't have to comment on everything. Plus, certain situations are just made for commentary, making them much easier to work with.
    Well, I've been intending on going back to play FFI, but again, issues with my DS make it unappealing to do so. FFII, however, I shall never EVER play again do to intense rage which is induced upon me. Every time I play it, the same thing happens. I try to progress the story, get killed in a dungeon, grind for an hour or so, and then get killed again. It frustrates me.

    Well, I've got the pictures ready for the next part of the LP to speed things up, and I've actually been going through FFV faster than the Emerald LP. The problem with the pictures right now is that there are a lot of pictures and I'm feeling rather unmotivated to caption them at the moment. Tomorrow, most definitely.

    CHEATER. >:( I haven't played through FFV in ages because the A and down buttons on my DS don't work too well, and they're kind of important if you play through FFV. That's why I'm LPing it.
    Was that quote from FFVI Advance? That's the only one I can think of.

    Wow, I am in desperate need to replay FFV. I've entirely forgotten almost all of his quotes. D:
    They both are pretty good, I must say. I'm always disappointed when it only takes me a few minutes to beat Gilgamesh because then the epic music stops. :(
    Well ain't that a coincidence. Despite the Black Mages version being very pimped out and overall badass, I like the original snes version a little better though, because I'm weird like that. :D
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