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Blaziking the God General

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  • Hi, Blaziken. I'm planning on doing a Fire Red LP, and can I use the ''You! Asshole in front!'' line you used for Emerald?
    alrighty, Negrek says we can end in a draw; is that okay with you? only this battle has been going on ~forever~ and I'd kind of like my pokemon to finally get some experience from this battle. xD
    oh.... huh. I'll ask Negrek about it and see what she thinks, because I'd honestly rather just have the free slot >.>
    hey, how would you feel about getting an e-ref for this battle? Only it's been going since 2009 and it's been six months since Negrek last posted in it or something. '~'
    Oooh. That sounds really cool. I'll probably get it in that case. I wish they'd remake more of the earlier FFs for DS. Like FFVI.

    Sounds to me like you have a scratched disc. That's how my FFX and FFVIII stopped. They kept freezing after certain scenes.
    Hmm... I'll take a look into both, in that case. I'd need to purchase the DS game. I've heard there's voice-acted scenes in it, is this true?

    That is horrible. >: I've had several FFs die out on me too and I had to buy completely new games. Like FFX and FFVII. But I've had the same FFIX for 10+ years, the original one I got back in early 2000. How did it die, exactly?
    I haven't played much of FFIV yet... do you have the DS version? I have the GBA version, but am thinking of going to play it instead of the GBA one. And which ones don't work? Hopefully not FFIX! That one's so awesome... it'd be a shame.
    ...Maybe later, eh? Killing off characters can be really fun, especially playing their dramatic scenes. I one time RPed my own funeral, since I usually play myself in some form. It was sort of epic, even if it was a bit morbid.

    I also see you've been playing lots of FF.
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