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  • so wait, are tarquinweapons, like, actually generally mundane except their means of creation (so perhaps ordinarily-unattainable material quality and such)? or are they, say, unusually effective because Magic or something? I mean, "eight-branched blade" doesn't sound like a. practical sort of weapon in general, cf..
    I'd have to sit down and think about them all. Thing about the classifications is that they're subjective. There's no official concrete method of doing it. I can sit down and look at it later, see who should be what.
    So I was almost done with the post that would let us move forward. But then my computer crashed for no discernible reason.

    So I'm going to not post today because I have to work and stuff, and it'll be almost midnight by the time I get home. So yeah, sorry 'bout that.
    There's actually only a little inspired by RWBY. A lot of it came from just... All over. Besides, I didn't think up Greyhaven.

    this is beautiful, you brilliant sunuvagun. Not really that beautiful, but very helpful, at the very least~

    So what did you have me fetched for? I-I don't know what this is.
    Yeah, I'll nag her about it. So she can come back and apologize profusely (like she always does). I find it funny, actually.
    Imagine how the typical High School Gossip System works. Some people might insist it is true, others will insist it's just a rumor, and some will blow things out of proportion. Most will know only what they've heard, which is probably inaccurate. Lots of rumor, nothing for certain, but the rumors come from somewhere, which says enough.
    Well, given that that is almost all of what he's aware of what Reneé did so far in the RP (and by extension the lounge), I suppose that makes sense.
    Is it just me, or does Priam (or you) assume that Reneé avoids social settings?
    I was thinking that for the back-story of my (if it ends up being allowed) second character, that she would be a 'failed' weapon from Greyhaven. But I figured I should see what your opinion on that would be...
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