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  • Probably the other one more so than this one. It's a little more, ah... Dramatic.

    THIS IS EXCITING, now I need to develop Serena somehow because she can't remain static for very long or she'll be... Just. No. She'll be "no."
    I was just thinking it would be neat. Characters usually change, so I didn't think the idea too strange if he started to allow himself something purely sentimental.

    MAYBE LATER IN THE RP. Like, when that sort of development is appropriate. It would be a nice thing. Or at least I can hope you'll do something like that.
    Yeah, but she might also assume "no" just because he seems to know next to nothing about cards.

    Indeed. Also maybe put Solitaire in there somewhere, cause Serena would think that that's a good game for Priam to know.
    WELL I WAS THINKING first Egyptian Ratkiller, and then Monopoly, and then they can break into Raisa and Reneé's stuff, which would be quite fun, AND THEN PLAY POGEYMANS. Boom. Climax.
    YOU'VE NEVER-AGH. MAH GOODNESS. Well, you'll learn the rules when Priam does. IT IS FUN. And painful.
    AGH, I'm so giddy.

    You know what would make Priam really uncomfortable? If Serena made him play Egyptian Ratkiller. Or Slaps. Whatever you wanna call it. But Egyptian Ratkiller sounds better.
    As much as I'd like to throw it on you, it probably makes more sense if I do it.

    Seeing as Serena would be the one to take the initiative in this situation. I'll get to it after I finish posting.
    Alas, I do not. I have no lovely devices like an ipod touch or a smart phone. And as far as my computer goes, it just really sucks and stuff. A most sad tale, it is.
    Poor little guy. I'd feel sorry for him if I didn't enjoy it so much. I feel like he might be getting the worst of all of us, given the sound of things. Maybe.
    And then they're both crying. He's crying because he almost killed her and at that point he actually viewed her a friend (WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT), and she's crying because she feels so guilty for betraying his trust. Or something.

    Tears will be shed. Oh, so many tears.
    And he can flip out and be so angry that he tries to take it from her, but Serena being Serena, she keeps moving it out of his reach, and he ends up

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