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Lil Kuchiki
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  • No idea. I just do on the spot research and just go with it.

    If I was straight I'd date Ben and Jerry in a heartbeat .
    Ha ha, yeaaaaah. See, I knew you'd be on at around 12 am in my time, and I wanted to catch you before I went to sleep for good, so my reasoning was to just sleep a little and have enough energy when you got on to stay awake.
    It worked very slightly. I stayed up for like five minutes, as we can see.
    Or rather a good night. Woops.
    I kind of fell asleep for a little bit so I'm a bit froggy. So I might be a bit incoherent but ehhh.
    As an added bonus, I think it'd be great if the one night Priam does actually get decent sleep is the night Serena's curiosity gets the better of her. Right?
    Since I've made a point that Priam's sleep is often fitful, I think your next post in the filler thread could be used to show that Serena has - at least once - heard Priam's lack of comfortable sleeping. Perhaps she could ask him that in your next post, and at the end of my next post (or your next next post), we would have arrived at Eastes' office.
    Gotta admit, I didn't expect this filler thread to go in the direction it went in. That'll make it all the more glorious when it reaches its particular endgame, though.
    It just
    I dunno. I got caught up in school. And stuff.

    I'm sowwwwwwwweeeeeee ;;;;-;;;;
    Well, I was looking at my profile a couple days ago, and I saw that one of the only things that can actually break Priam's stoicism is constantly asking him about his life before the Academy. So if Serena tries to use that as a conversation topic...
    If you still haven't come up with any possible ideas, I've thought of another possible way to move the characters forward.
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