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Lil Kuchiki
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  • That sounds fine, chances are, Reneé has an extra DS or two...or three...heh...it'd be interesting to see that pan out. Have fun ^_^
    Well, I'm sure you'll figure something out - I'll also brainstorm something, and let you know if I can think of anything really good.
    The other one it is - hopefully we'll see it come to that point.

    Now as for how you could develop Serena... perhaps have things unfold so that she learns to not be as intrusive?
    That is a good point. Perhaps something to consider after either the event that this filler thread has as its climax, or the event that we discussed through PM. Either has potential for Priam to become more sentimental than he had been in the past.
    It would, but I don't see him doing that. Mostly because he's the sort of guy that will only carry essentials - his gloves, the flask, etc. - and he wouldn't see cards as an essential.
    Heh, yeah. Though given how Priam acts, I'd be willing to bet that Serena thinks he already knows how to play it.
    Yeah, asking for their okay would be a good idea (and, admittedly, I do want to see some character interaction between Priam and Raisa, considering Priam's backstory).
    and we shall party all night long I mean learn about friendship yes.

    I think maybe it should be all the freshman girls and perhaps one or two female teachers? No need for all the vaginas, only some! :D
    Students who are granted written permission by an administrator can go into town on any weekend. There's one "shuttle" (basically a van) that drives up to six students at a time. It only makes three trips a day, only on weekends. Alternatively, there's a shed full of bikes of different sizes that you can borrow whenever you wish, to ride on or off campus (with appropriate permission.)

    So yeah, go for it.
    Ooh that'd be amazing because it'd give Aimee a chance to actually be normal and not be in constant fear :D we/I/you should definitely ask!

    we can do it however you'd like. o: Or we can see if we can get other people involved but make not friendly and lighthearted so no one has to die. :D or something.
    Indeed. Though I don't think that this entire filler thread should take place in the span of one in-series night.

    We should totally plot something for Aimee and Serena to do

    ehhhh? ehhh?
    The only remaining question is simple: do you want to start the filler thread, or should I?

    (In case you want to, all I ask is that you make the name "The Hands and the Cards." And, of course, make sure that it's only open for Priam and Serena.)
    It can be a thing, but I haven't seen it happen since the "Wheat Cam" incident of 2010. Man, those were some dark times...

    Now then, that being said, I've been doing some thinking about the filler thread between Serena and Priam that we discussed, and decided that we could have the whole "Serena drinks Priam's drink" thing happen there, but the other scene that we discussed via PM happen in the main thread. What say you?
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