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Lil Kuchiki
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  • Hmm... Well, in this situation, we could pretend Raptor's never was here, and instead you were brought along. Maybe you were on the other side of the carnival, thus we never found you until now? Whatever you think would work, I'll see if I can fit it in. :3
    Meep. O.O"
    I have those occasionally.......
    Just remember to make the Element Psychic, seeing that that's the only one left!
    Yah, I see what'cha mean.
    Okay, so just fill out the cute little form and we'll be set!
    It's a really interesting story, actually. I would suggest reading everything so far, but so many looooooooong pages ;_;
    Holy crap you're absolutely right

    The seventh one... Hasn't responded. :/
    So the place is indeed free! I will go update immediately...
    And reserve the spot for you, if you want. :3
    Since I'm in the welcoming mood at the moment, consider this my gift for joining.

    Oh hai!

    Again, welcome to TCod!
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