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Lil Kuchiki
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  • HIPPITY HOPPITY HERE COMES PETER COTTONTA- wait Halloween is almost here I can't sing this.
    As a bit of clarification, in my recent post in the filler thread, I probably worded the post poorly, but what I meant when I said "acted accordingly," that was meant to leave a possible opening for Serena to also slap at the pile, and I figured I'd leave it up to you to decide whose hand hit first.

    I have no idea what to ddo without Vidal, Metalos and I had some ideas but now that he's disappeared I'm lost D:
    Oookay! I'm not the best writer so you'll have to forgive me if it turns out horrible D:

    I am too, I'll actually get to do stuff with Aimee now!
    That's alright, I can just start it and you can reply whenever :D should I put like "(Aimee/Serena/Headmistress/Closed)" after the title or just "(Aimee/Serena/Closed)"?
    It can be just them, sure. And Yoshi can be the Headmistress and she can watch over us with Ms. Crane so it'll will be a reasonable number of adults :D I can make it tomorrow when I've got access to a computer and will actually be able to type up something decent."
    I figured that you'd be the one to start it, since the "Fun Class" was Serena's idea to begin with.

    In regards to the villain, lemme know if you need suggestions for powers - I have a few that were prototype ideas for Greyhaven Weapon's powers before they became what I said they were.
    Wouldn't really go that far, but if you say so...

    Now then, when would you like to begin the Egyptian Ratkiller phase?
    Hrrrm, you did say in your profile that Serena made too many friends in her school days - perhaps one of them ended up being a Supernatural and is now in Sofia's coalition?
    Indeed, factors and not interrupting the drama are both important things.

    Intriguing is good - it means I'm doing what I set out to do when starting those two threads (I'm admittedly surprised that I'm the most active guy in the lounge right now, but I guess that it's just one of those things.)

    Also, I looked up the rules for Egytpian Ratkiller, and I can already tell that Priam's not going to have much fun in that one, heheh.
    I'd like to note that while I do have twisted things planned for Priam, your suggestion is not how I plan to have him find out. I feel like that would interrupt the drama that would happen later in the filler, when Serena tries to sample his drink.

    That was a good theory, though.
    "hey headmistress lady wanna go to the town and party I mean have some educational girl time"

    I don't have a lady-teacher, but we can definitely see! How many teachers do you think would be a normal number for students with powers to bring along on a field trip?
    Alriiiiighty. Is there any specific title for it you'd like, and also, open or closed?
    It occurs to me that there could be some minor drama when Serena tries to get Priam to play Monopoly, as that game would be something that Priam knows of, as he played it with his family before his life went to hell. So he's more adamant in his refusals, and after that... I don't know.
    I could start it yes, probably make up something for why she's upset. Though would they be like near each other or in some study hall class or passing each other in the hall orrrrrr what?
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