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  • A chat program! We've got a group chat there. There's a thread about it here if you want to check it out.
    Pretty good! We mostly hang out on Telegram these days, you can check that out if you like. But there's also some mafia and ASB reviving going on.
    For those with a very warped sense of humor, there is much enjoyment to be had in emulating the writing style of a third grader speaking in broken English. Have you heard of the notoriously bad fanfic My Immortal?
    Ah, all the sites I could find just pronounced it exactly like René(e) - I'd guess because, just because it's misspelled doesn't mean the parents or whatever are obligated to pronounce it wrong, and they'd have the pronunciation in mind before they wrote down the misspelled thing for the birth certificate, presumably.

    Oh, yeah, it's obvious they knew jack shit about French. Renée, how it's supposed to be spelled, is the feminine form of René. English does away with the accent entirely but I think it's mainly restricted to feminine usage.

    (Incidentally. Quitterie is a French name, sooo. She probably. Yeah.)

    ... as someone whose dealings in foreign names is usually anime, that pronunciation key was more confusing than anything else though. >>;
    ... mog

    I was actually basing his first pose off a sprite from the game

    I don't know what to post. After the forum was down, I was out of the loop, and got back late. Then, I was bombarded with schoolwork, and I arrive at my current position.
    Yes, I did, some stuff just popped up all of a sudden so yeah. If anything, go ahead and post without me.
    Hrrm. The list of Greyhaven Weapons is kinda set in stone, in regards to both names, powers, and whereabouts. Though depending on the powers you have in mind, I could possibly shoehorn her in. If you could inform me of more via PM if a second sign-up opens, that would be optimal.
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