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  • Well, it had to be pretty ridiculous if I wanted to call it the most interesting one. Mind you, there wouldn't be a name for it if it if no one had it.
    Okay, I just got really distracted this weekend so i'll do something soon.
    Well, yes and no. Priam's brother does play an important part in how Priam became who he is today, but reading up on Priam's biography in the signups thread reveals just how that is the case (though there will be a few details regarding the brother that will be revealed in the Weapon XXIII thread).
    Oh, there's a specific reason that Priam and his brother were chosen as subjects, but that reason's going to get revealed a bit later on. And it is indeed unpleasant, and the things I have planned to reveal later on? Also quite, quite unpleasant.
    Yes, that was one reason she was afraid of him, she'd probably be not as afraid if she was fine with guys.
    So me and Exo are thinkin' that in our little thing about Priam learning to play cards, the climax will basically be Serena convincing Priam to come with her to raid Raisa and Reneé's room and playing Pokémon. And it seemed like a good idea to inform you in case of anything you might want to add to that. Or in case you were like "NO." But mostly if you wanted to add anything.

    Also thinking about another post in BMA since apparently the last one wasn't long enough for people to go off of. Thoughts, maybe? Like on pacing and such?
    Because I'm lazy and will ignore it after not very long. Inevitably. And that upsets me. Very much.
    Maybe we could run into a teacher or something? Mr. Argent might like Reneé, and he hasn't been introduced...
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