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    We actually did start a cult, go figure.
    What's your favorite Eeveelution?
    I agree with Male gardevoir. I couldn't understand the "tag" part of the post, nor could I make sense of what was going on.
    If you made the RP, you should make the dungeons yourself. And besides, when I said I didn't understand I meant I had read the intro post, but it made about as much sense as someone trying to me about cars while speaking French, in other words I couldn't understand no matter how many times I tried.
    Sorry, I'm quite busy these days :/ I would if I could, but... Sorry :(
    Alright, to start yourself in Spirits, just have your character somehow make it to Kanto, although it has to make sense... Somewhat... But just do that, and by the way, we're heading towards Mt. Moon. So, yeah, be creative.

    By the way, your avatar is AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    if I need to do that, what was the meaning of PMing it to you in the first place?
    But sure, if I have to.
    Well, if it's so that you tried logging in with your original name and password, and it didn't work, it may be so because of the system failure a few months ago. Everything was deleted. You may notice my accounts ID? It's 32, meaning I was one of the first joining the new forums :P

    Oh, and if you're going to reply, reply on my page, otherwise I won't know when you reply to my posts.
    Why hello and welcome (back) to tCoD! I hope you'll enjoy your stay :D

    I don't remember you, though, but I'm Bakun.
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