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  • 1½ vs 1½ (see below)
    Style: Set
    DQ: 10 Days
    Banned for battling pokémon: OHKOs, non-damaging moves, anything used to remove an item from a battling pokemon, Chills
    Banned for support pokémon: damaging moves, Perish Song, anything used to remove an item from a battling pokémon, Chills
    Damage Cap: 40%
    Arena: Forest Used to Settle a Disagreement About the Merits of Two Pokémon

    There's a clearing just at the edge of where ASB Central's outskirts turn wild. The clearing, surrounded by tallish oak trees and birches, has very little cover in the way of grass or leaves; for whatever reason, the ground is nearly bare and is only so much light brown, loose dirt. Despite the abundance of trees, the sky can be clearly seen from almost any angle, allowing weak winter sunlight to pour over the area. It's a pretty basic place, unusual for an Asberian battle, but for one reason or another it is the ancestral place to Settle a Disagreement over which pokémon will win a battle.

    Additional Rules: Both players send out two pokémon, the first to battle and the second for support of the first. In this case, the challenger's battler must be a farfetch'd and the other trainer's must be a marowak. Only these two battlers may attack each other; attacks that would hit either of the supporters do nothing to them. The battlers begin with 150% health and energy, each.

    The supporters, on the other hand, may be any pokémon in the trainer's Active Squad. These pokémon, as detailed above, can only use moves that help or hinder one of the battlers; they cannot affect one another at all or use damaging attacks. Any self-targeting moves used by the supporters instead act on their partner. The supporters technically begin with the normal 100% health, but since it is impossible to damage them it doesn't matter. They effectively have infinite energy, though.

    The battle ends when a trainer's battling pokémon faints. At the end of the battle, experience and happiness is awarded as if the supporters had battled instead; the supporters gain one point plus another if they're on the winning team, and the battlers themselves gain no experience or happiness.

    in kekkaishi, well, i'vve been watching it on saturday nights (anime night =P) on adult swim. i've watched the last 10 episodes (then it repeats) and i've watched the first 10 episodes.
    Tokine. she may always treat yoshimori like a baby, but she is a very experienced.

    wait, did you see that Tokine on the nuzlocke challenge. i named my pokemon white character tokine and my male tepig yoshimori. Cress killed em. >=V
    Got it. Never used the older forums though.

    If you mean your answer to my question, I did see that.

    Edit: Come to think of it, that feature sounds really awesome though.
    "Oh, and I apologize if this is early and you need confirmation, SomeGuy; that convenient little thing on the bottom of the page that tells you who's viewed the thread and when they last did so isn't there as it was on the older version of the forums."

    ...could you clarify?
    The person who fired the gun in Santic is near the city group, not the forest group, just so you know.
    No need to worry.

    *gives Snivy a Magmarizer*

    Yes, I now have a Fire Type Move immunity in my team.
    Been a while, Darksong.

    It's me, Xero/Creed.

    You're in ASB, it seems. I think you know I was gone for a bit. ASB is different now, and I don't understand. I opened an account, and bought a starter. Would I be able to post in the Challenge Board right after? Or something else?

    I'm asking you because Negrek is offline.
    Have you been using Repels in your Black game? They're quite useful. Don't be afraid to use your Revives, since you can buy stuff at the League.
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