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Recent content by Darksong

  1. Darksong

    The Oracular Slugma

    Re: Kusari-Mart I'd also like a Thick Club for an upcoming battle. That's $8
  2. Darksong

    Bank of TCoD

    -$8 for buying an item.
  3. Darksong

    Darksong vs. Richie

    That Payback was pretty good, Pandora. Let's keep this going. It won't be very effective, but I want you to use Struggle Bug to lower that Gastly's Special Attack a little. Next use Defense Curl; we're preparing for our next attack. And finally, let loose a Rollout -- the power will be boosted...
  4. Darksong

    Darksong vs. Richie

    All right, we know you won't get poisoned, Pandora, since you're Poison-type, but you might need to avoid that Hypnosis somehow. And this will also be tough because you don't have a lot of moves that can really hurt your opponent. But we'll get around it somehow. (Good choice of Pokemon...
  5. Darksong

    Darksong vs. Richie

    I'll send out Pandora. Go little Venipede! I bet you'll be pretty comfortable in this forest.
  6. Darksong

    The Birthday Center

    All right, Munchkin, it took a few days, but I finally have that Amulet Coin in my inventory for you. Happy belated birthday!
  7. Darksong

    Bank of TCoD

    Buying an item. -$15
  8. Darksong

    The Oracular Slugma

    Re: Kusari-Mart I would like to buy an Amulet Coin, please. That's $15, right?
  9. Darksong

    The Birthday Center

    Munchkin can have (an even later) something from me, too. I'd be glad to get you a Pokemon or something. ^^ Your birthday was only two days ago, right?
  10. Darksong

    The Challenge Board

    3vs3 single Style: Set DQ: Four days Damage Cap: 30% Banned Moves: OHKO's and direct recovery moves. Arena: Treeshroud Forest Treeshroud Forest is a dense deciduous forest on an island far away. The trees are very close together, and undergrowth covers much of the forest floor, though there are...
  11. Darksong

    That would be kind of fun. I have an open battle slot, and I'm about to go on holiday break, so...

    That would be kind of fun. I have an open battle slot, and I'm about to go on holiday break, so if you want to do it over the next few weeks, that would be fine with me. I just need to get a Thick Club first. :P (Wow, I had no idea Farfetch'd could learn Leaf Blade...)
  12. Darksong

    Rainbow Factory

    Re: Colours Fall Like Snow Glad to see you're caught up! ^^ I'm technically behind by a day, since I never finished my Day 4 drawing. I don't know why, but I really like that drawing that you did for day 9. It's probably the perspective and intense movement expressed in the drawing; you did a...
  13. Darksong

    What national holiday is on your birthday?

    My birthday is... Lumpy Rug Day. Fun. :P I don't have any rugs in my house, just carpets. Ha!
  14. Darksong

    Suggestions Aethelstan Does Art

    Ooh, a speaker. I don't like to draw inanimate objects, but you did a very good job with that, especially on making the shading and outlines realistic. Obviously real things don't have outlines, but for some reason you did the outlines on this drawing well and it still has a very realistic...
  15. Darksong

    Being an Idiot

    Sokka, I did the exact same thing as you: I thought my game was broken when my Pokémon got poisoned. I think I was playing Sapphire, then a Wurmple used Poison Sting. When I walked around and the screen shook, I thought that the game was broken... except I didn't just say it didn't work; I...