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  • Hi DarkAura just want to remind you to start checking in! We have a thread on MU now!
    not really a story per se, but could you draw, like, a 4-panel comic?
    so basically, draw a yellow pikmin wearing a military outfit, with like a scar on his chest and missing part of his ear, and he's facing his squadron of 5
    panel 1: "D-squadron, the general has put us in charge of escorting this marble back to the ship. We'll go around the back, they'll never see it coming. CHAARGE!"
    Panel 2- a lower-ranking pikmin comes up and says, "but, sir! that goes straight through the heart of bulborb territory!"
    Panel 4: Olimar facepalms while the death counter (the one from pikmin 2 challenge mode) goes up to 6 and he says to louie, "why did those morons go the long way like i specifically said not to do?"
    and louie says, "with ears that big, you'd think they'd be better listeners"
    true story
    edit as you wish if you want to do it
    oh yeah lol my story bit the dust a long time ago, nevermind that
    (Embarrassing moment of me trying to get pictures for a dead story)
    Yo, there's a promo going on on the ASBdb that ends today! (I'm going through and letting everyone who's collected allowance this month but hasn't claimed the promo know.)
    I suppose that makes sense. But I'm sure you'll have to drive at least once!

    I live in a capital city and there are, like, maybe three different buses I've seen. I always forget they're actually an option.
    There aren't necessarily buses everywhere, and they don't lead everywhere, either; driving is more convenient.

    Presumably you live in an urban community?
    Oh, yeah. I think that was the last time I was active on this site.
    I think he might be! If he's born in the same year as me, then he definitely is.

    ...But you have to drive, eventually.
    Active, though? And yeah, driving is super scary! But also kind of necessary. Have you ever tried it?
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