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  • :O your profile pic- Goomy! <3

    And as for chaining shinies, don't give up! It really works, and as long as you keep you chain, you will get a shiny. I'm horrible at chaining, and even I found two today (a horsea and a cloyster). So, you will find some!
    haha yeah i know but in all seriousness that pokemon and aurorus is what has me hyped for X and y

    and whenever i pronounce the name in my head it sounds like i'm saying "da blade" which makes it cooler

    i'm retard

    anyways, get xfire or skype. i'm npt going to be active at these forums much longer ;)
    I'm a busy piece of shit. That's all.

    I mostly run 7 gameservers, and 2 forums. 1 recently made.

    You can contact me:

    Skype: connor.smith6969
    Xfire: crankehkawngninenine
    No problem, its the least I could do. ^^ I really like Pokeboard.

    I will transfer some later...still thinking.
    That's great!!

    And yes, everything has been fantabulous!!! :D I'm sure you know, but Jaketiger and I are dating and he makes me just so happy! Today is officially our two month anniversary!! :D And also, today is officially one month after he sent our first visitor message! So I am happy! :) Except my Jakey is busy having fun at his friend's house until Sunday, and my phone is broken, so we can't share this special day together :( But oh well! I am just really happy!
    Hello! :) I haven't spoken to you in a while! How are you? :)
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