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  • Happy Birthday! In other news I had no idea you were older than me
    I'm more or less the same way. My dad's been pressuring me to take his car out for some drives around my neighborhood (I have, like thrice), but I just don't feel comfortable guiding a several-ton machine and not dying. :P
    :o You, happy birthday! Now you are also older than me, I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest active member on this forum or something? Are you going for your driver's permit?
    To belay the message given by the most cynical of stars:

    "...it's the result of a parental monitoring thing my parents put on here that [he] didn't know [he] had, and that [he's] going to have to call off the Mafia game as a result? And yes, [you] deserve that shot."
    Qval has told me to tell you that he can't VM you because Firefox is redirecting him to Google when he tries to visit your profile.
    Broke physically? Also that's... sort of weird, maybe you should steal it. Just kidding, don't really do that, I didn't say that. /hides from NSA

    By "something inside" I really mean writing or drawing. Can't you do that? According to your "About Me," you don't particularly dislike either of those. And I don't think I have a very fast metabolism because I'm not very skinny at all and I rarely eat that much, heh.

    Well, not every website ever, but it's probably damn well close. I don't think the problem will be solved, because I just deleted one-hundred viruses and cleared all my cookies and it's still doing it. Apparently, my problem is unique, too. I am considering either returning to Google Chrome or reinstalling Firefox, because this is out of hand!
    Oh, you use your 3DS? I don't blame you for having patchy activity, then! Why don't you use a computer or something?

    I have been relatively bored, too. There is a pool just by my house, but I rarely go because I would rather be doing something inside, more often than not. I am hungry almost all the time but never feel like eating, and people are douchebags as always. So basically, everything is the same as always.

    I am! I reset Firefox in hopes that it might help, and now it's telling me every website ever has an untrusted certificate.
    That's certainly an understandable concept, but I swear we have talked more often. Weird. Also, I'm pretty sure that makes you a dinosaur or something, and your avatar seems to agree. Also yes, we should! I can never tell if you're active or not your activity seems to confuse me a little bit, haha. How have things been?

    Also Username Mafia might take a bit, I have some sort of virus that keeps redirecting almost every page I click to Google for some reason.
    Well, now it does. B)

    That... is sort of weird. I feel like I know you better than I know most people on the forums, but... we only have eleven visitor messages? That is weird.
    No, you aren't a bother at all! I had to leave without any warning at all, so I was unable to change the phase. Terribly sorry about that!
    Doesn't tinypic have a link you can click that copies the
    Kpop is Korean pop music and it's kind of weird but also kind of fabulous! The only issue is that for the most part they already have established personalities (granted, they may be stage personalities...) so I don't always have to do character development. Except when I write weird shit like femslash.
    Yo I'd be happy to talk to you about fanfic! But most of mine are Kpop-related, so...
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