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  • The video isn't available here :/

    It is kinda sucky if your first medal comes via a dickweed, but the Olympics is about athletic achievement. Everyone likes a winner, I guess.
    In my experience, the people that you don't expect anything out of are usually the ones that end up surprising. During the London Olympics, Jaime Espinal, a wrestler, won silver. It was surprising because he really wasn't on the country's radar at the time. That year, we expected a runner as our best chance, and we were all super surprised. Some real crazy stuff can happen.
    It is! Interestingly enough, we had another Puerto Rican woman win the gold in tennis (it was doubles, though), but she competed for the USA instead of for Puerto Rico. This is the country's first medal per se, though, and a lot of people still hold a lot of scorn because she didn't play for the country.

    Hopefully, you'll experience it soon! It's really a fantastic moment. What other events is she in?
    Ballistic is an understatement!! :DDD

    Hearing the anthem play was an absolutely AMAZING moment, I'm tearing up writing this

    My family's super involved in tennis (my sister's going out to represent the country in an under-18 tournament in October), so it's even more intense.
    I'm not sure how strategic it's best to be when moving from room to room. Most of them are dead-ends so you'll have to use more turns backtracking eventually.

    But yeah you still got unlucky :(
    Sorry for the short notice, but you have 24 hours to post commands in the tournament battle!
    Hi, you have a little under 48 hours to post commands in your tournament battle with JackPK!
    Alti had me watch that episode, it was basically a whole ep full of fan service. I don't watch the show anymore, but I enjoyed it.

    I think my favorite parts were the scenes with Vinyl Scratch and Octavia.
    This is Navi's patch, it seems.
    I wish I could magnus like that though. Im pretty shit on him.
    Slightly early 48-hour warning, since I see you online right now.

    edit: aha, looks like you were just getting to that, anyway!
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