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  • Remember when you said that the RNG gods are testing me because two of my battles ended in the ASB equivalent of a base race?

    Check out how my battle against Wargle ended.


    Three times now?
    No, it's Golden Freddy. With a smiley face on a sticky note taped onto him. Because reasons.
    Hey, I was looking through ASB's Birthday Centre for upcoming birthdays and realized it was yours yesterday, so happy belated birthday! I hope you had a good time.
    I recommend you reread the turn order before Totodile gets on and sees your command string. :P
    So, I was rereading your test battle thread, and this post has me cracking up now.

    "Her trainer said it was a Zorua... it must be one! Her eyes widened."

    Now the image of a Cyndaquil either opening her eyes or the slits widening is etched into my head and I cannot stop laughing.
    I thought I sent them in, stupid forums.

    But thanks! And sorry for making you wait.
    It's a shame that ASB money has to be in whole numbers, because there's a very real chance that the most appropriate winner's payout for this might be $3.22. :P
    ... sorry, I managed to get myself kind of distracted/busy. I'll check my reffing notes when I'm back but offhand it looks most likely that the sub was destroyed and I forgot about it when writing the description. probably will have any corrections in over the weekend.

    if the description is all, would you still want to recommand?
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