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  • Yeah, I'll get to it today. I've restricted the time I can visit tcod to only about 2 hours a day (on weekdays) so that's why I haven't replied yet.
    Can't win or lose 'em all, eh?

    Hmmm, I don't know. You and Dragon both fought excellently, and luck made a big difference. For one thing, you would've won for sure if it wasn't for the burn damage, as Leech Seed would have kept Chespin's health well enough ahead. So yeah, I guess all the advice I can give you is build more shrines to the RNG in the future.
    Ah, I see. Sorry to bother you, then. You could've just pointed that out to boot, then, haha.
    Hm, regarding your leaderboard, why are some people ranked ahead of others with the same score? Wouldn't they just tie for first?
    I moved your ASB Leaderboard to ASB Meta instead of Central, since it seemed... pretty meta! And that forum didn't actually exist when you made the thread.
    Wow, I didn't expect that! Neato.
    No Fude Pen ~Ball Pen~? ARE YOU EVEN TRYING

    I have an interesting question that's not really that important. Do you reckon Azusa is playing with them or she stayed with Wakaba Girls?
    Sure, but I haven't battled before so I might not be brilliant.

    And don't worry, I read the rules. This isn't Dota :P
    It still said it hasn't added you properly, do we need to give each other our Mii's names, too?
    Sure, go ahead! I didn't invent Sburb or anything, so I don't even really have the option to say no.
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